Weekly Update: Top Tips, Sweepstake Update and latest calq webinar with Kelvin Newman

Who else is excited about SearchLeeds this Thursday?! The Kerboo team will all be there (Paul is speaking) so give us a heads up if you’re around!

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Kelvin Newman webinar on how to avoid your search marketing campaign falling short of its potential


Kelvin Newman

In this webinar, Kelvin Newman, organiser of the super popular brightonSEO events, takes us through some practical ways to make sure that your marketing campaigns don’t fall short of their potential. Whilst addressing the main marketing campaign challenges, Kelvin goes into detail on how recommendations provided by SEO experts often aren’t ever actioned, which means that results aren’t achieved, and provides a number of principles to be persuasive and influence the right people.

Watch the webinar now, and download the slide deck:

Charity Football Sweepstake

The quarter finals were really something else! Here are the lucky few at Semi Finals:

  1. Portugal- David Tutin
  2. Wales – Joyce Cowles
  3. Germany- Patrick Devine
  4. France – Patrick Hathaway

The winner will be announced Monday following Sunday’s final game.

Some of our favourite gifs and tweets from the last week:



Top Tips

1. We recommend adding links into Audit first and then adding them to Investigate as this will allow the system to find and highlight the link location. 

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2. Importing Majestic Fresh data via CSV into Kerboo?  Audit will de-dupe and collate any exports you add into the system. 

3. Did you know that there isn’t a limit to on how many Additional Domains you can add to one profile. Once you add them to your profile, ensure that you then implement a rescan to ensure the data takes this into account.  

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About Joyce Cowles

Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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