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David Bain (1)
SEO and marketing are two activities aimed at keeping your website on top. But what about the relationship between them? What will make them the most effective?

We invited David Bain , Founder and Host at and Head of Growth at, to share his experience concerning the relationship between SEO and content marketing.

David will explain why SEO and Content Marketing should be intertwined and how to merge them into a unified strategy. Here is where link building takes the floor. Link building is at the heart of SEO and content marketing relationships. It is both a goal and a means of measuring the effectiveness of content marketers’ contribution to an SEO campaign.

The webinar targets both SEOs and marketers. The latter will be able to learn how to technically measure the impact and effectiveness of their day-to-day activities. SEOs who need to educate content marketers on the merits and value of link building, and those who wish to get their marketing departments involved in their day-to-day operations.

During the webinar David will explain how:

    • To integrate SEO and content marketing into an effective campaign
    • To educate content marketers on the merits and value of link building
    • To measure how impactful content marketing activities are

    Join our webinar to deliver winning strategy!

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