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Content Promotion Tactics for Link Acquisition (1)
The Internet is full of content that gets no traction. However that doesn’t mean that this content is trash. On the contrary, very often awesome content is not promoted properly, and it ends up getting buried under a pile of other articles.

“Content Promotion Tactics for Link Acquisition” is a webinar designed to provide digital marketers with actionable tips for tackling content promotion problems. This webinar will be delivered by Stacey MacNaught, SEO and content marketing specialist, blogger and Search Director at Tecmark, on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. GST.

Content promotion is tough, but it’s necessary. It is an essential process for natural link acquisition, which is important for boosting your search visibility and generating relevant traffic. So, how do you promote content to get links? Stacey MacNaught’s webinar will shed light on this subject by sharing content promotion strategies and tactics that have been successful for her and the Techmark team.

During her webinar Stacey will explain how to:

    • Measure the success of your content promotion campaigns
    • Grow and retain a relevant audience
    • Identify your audience’s “digital hangouts” — places where your content should be seen
    • Make sure your content’s objectives are in sync with your audience
    • Acquire natural links to boost your search visibility
    • Generate relevant traffic

    Join the webinar and don’t miss your opportunity to have a world-class digital marketing expert answer your questions!

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