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Join Our Free WebinarVisitors are referred to sites either via search engines or links from other webpages.  We put a lot of effort into optimizing our webpages for search engines, and we keep a strong eye on our site’s positions in SERPs. But do we pay the same attention to the pages that link to our site?

For our upcoming webinar, we invited Stephen Kenwright, Head of Search at Branded3, a search and digital agency based in Leeds and London, to share his experience and insights into effective link building.

Usually, we judge a domain by metrics like domain authority. Steven will explain why we should realistically estimate this website’s ability to drive traffic to our own site rather than ranking benefit that single link might provide. Also essential is driving potentially converting traffic – and our webinar with Steven will teach you how to do this.  

Steven will also share some actionable techniques for creating content that converts and also a couple of examples of successful content campaigns that resulted in traffic and conversions. You will learn how to work on your content and what you can expect from it. Although not all of your visits will convert, your content should provide an introduction to your brand. at least. Even if it doesn’t result in an immediate sale, it will increase awareness for your brand, which is extremely valuable and will definitely pay off in the future.

Link building and content creation are two closely related processes that are capable of bringing powerful results when properly launched.  Join our free webinar on January 13 and learn all the nuances of launching campaigns that convert!

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