Weekly Update: Top Tips, Sweepstake Update and calq’s YouTube Playlists

We’ve come to the end of the Audit Season and I can’t wait to tell you guys what we have in store next. In the meantime, this weekly update is full of top tips, an update to who’s left in our Charity Sweepstake and links to calq’s latest playlist – oh and this amazing review from from Built Visible:

Audit Season Comes to a Close

With our last update in Audit Season launched yesterday (Update 9: Graphs & More!), this season has come to a close. Here’s a quick review of all the updates:

Audit Season Infographic Redesign


calq’s YouTube Link Building Playlist

calq has created playlists over on their YouTube channel (and pinboards on Pinterest) based around certain topics made up of calq webinars and slide decks to help you find the information you need in an easier format. Here is the link to the Link Building webinar playlist.

You can discover other calq playlists here.


Charity Football Sweepstake

Following the knockouts, here are the FINAL SEVEN!

  1. Portugal- David Tutin
  2. Italy- Dixon Jones
  3. Wales – Joyce Cowles
  4. Belgium- Gareth Hoyle
  5. Germany- Patrick Devine
  6. France – Patrick Hathaway
  7. Iceland- Richard Shove

Favourite gif of the tournament so far:



Top Tips

1. Using a custom link shortener? These will appear in your backlink audit and may harm your LinkRisk score. You can add this to your Additional Domains and rescan the profile, or alternatively, you can add them to your Ignore List. 

Screenshot 2016-06-28 15.53.52

2. When Disavowing sits, the overall LinkRisk score will update only once you’ve imported Google’s file back into Kerboo which confirms to the system that you’ve completed the Disavow process. 


3. Use Favourites to keep hold of useful links and tag them to add context and so you can filter them appropriately.   

Screenshot 2016-06-28 15.50.06

About Joyce Cowles

Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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