Same great price, lots more credits!

When we started LinkRisk we wanted to have a simple policy in place for the value we gave our users. We wanted to add as much value with each product update and innovation without pushing up the subscription price.

That is something we have done consistently over the past year and today we are doing it yet again.

In the coming days we will be launching a complete upgrade to one of our apps (more info on that when its ready to go) but today we are celebrating our win as Best SEO Software at the UK Search Awards by increasing the credits on most of our packages without changing the prices!

Lets take a look at two of the most popular packages we sell and show you what these changes mean for you: –


Monitor Credits 

You used to be able to scan your best 300 links every day

From today you can scan 1000! Over 3x the limit you have today


You used to be able to track the daily rankings of 250 keywords

From today we have doubled that to 500!


Formerly you could do 1200 Peek searches and 400 full Peek profiles

From today thats now 7000 Peek searches and 1200 full Peek profiles!

That is HUGE



  • Monitor moves from 1000 to 3000 credits
  • Peek moves from 2600 Peek searches and 1200 full Peek profiles to, wait for it, 5000 Peek profiles and a massive 15,000 Peek searches!

The increases apply to all of our packages from today (The signup pages will be updated within a few hours).

Thanks to everyone for their faith in us this year and if you have been thinking about signing up as a new customer I hope this makes that decision even easier for you.

Now back to adding more value for the same low price, on your side… always.

Paul & The LinkRisk team


Gareth accepting the award 🙂

Paul Madden

About Paul Madden

Paul looks after sales, marketing and heads up client services for Kerboo Paul is a well known face in UK SEO and has been making a living through his various businesses online for well over a decade. Paul speaks on a regular basis both in the UK, Europe and the USA and is known for his ability to scale businesses and remain on the forefront of where the industry is heading.

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