Creation of a reinclusion request after several previous attempts have failed

If you have filed a reconsideration request for a domain under Google penalty and they have denied the request more than once already the stance that you take in writing the next reinclusion request must change. Simply submitting the same style of request is likely to lead to another denial, even if you’ve added more domains to the disavow file.


So what should that change in stance be?

Whilst we cant ever know for sure, there is significant evidence that the process of getting out of penalty gets slightly harder each time you submit a reinclusion and have it denied. I think this is probably logically true, at least after the second. I think this because its probably likely that the Google staff member reviewing the reinclusion can see that youve filed before and if they denied you previously then they are likely to do so again unless the core issue that the penalty was applied for has now been addressed.

In too many cases all thats happened from Google’s perspective in the interim is that youve added more domains to the disavow file “because you thought you might get away with not adding it all at first”.

This doesnt tell Google that anything has changed, you still appear to be trying to game them in some way and thats not a basis for lifting the penalty.

The change that they are looking for is to see good evidence of a change in process and attitude. That you understand what the issue was and that youve put in place systems to make sure its addresses and that it cant happen again.

The elements that we strongly suggest you have in a reinclusion request are: –

Show that you’ve understood what the issue was.

If you aren’t sure what that is exactly and have had a denial for previous reinclusion requests spend some time looking at the example URL’s they show in the request denial notification. Typically these will point you towards at least one of the major issues they have penalised you for.

Show that you’ve taken action to address the situation.

Give a description of what you have done to correct the issues identified. If you can create a Google Drive of evidence, you don’t have to go overboard on this and its safe to say that we have never seen evidence that they check it but its possible they could.

Show why it couldn’t happen again.

Describe how processes, procedures, staff, workflows, suppliers etc have all been changed to make sure that this situation doesn’t repeat. Explain what processes are now in place to monitor and safeguard the site from a repeat of any similar issue.

If you do all of the above (and you should be able to in no more than 1-1.5 screens of text) you should stand a very good chance of presenting a good case and getting that penalty removed.

Paul Madden

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