LinkRisk for agencies – Part 1

Whenever we get the chance we like to arrange a quick call and tour of the system of agencies who subscribe to LinkRisk because we like to make sure that you can get the best from the system for you and for your clients.

This post should help to lay out how we see many of our agency partners using the system and some of the opportunities it provides for you to maximise the relationship with your clients.

This is a long one so pull up a chair, grab a brew and settle in for a read… by the end of this you should be armed with all you need to make sure you maximise the relationship with the client and keep them for the long term.

1. Multiple users

Its unlikely that you will be the only user on your account so take the opportunity to set up some colleagues.

To do that pop over to (our admin area for the users and account details)
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 09.06.54


And where you see your name click the ‘Modify Users’ button.



Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 09.07.30


From the form you can now invite other users into your account and you can set if they have full access or just a read only view of your data. For example if you have one major client you are subscribing for then you can have your team set for full access and allow the client read only access.


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 09.08.20


2. Getting the client profile fully set up

Now we have everyone invited into the account, lets get some profiles created.

Click on ‘New Profile’ from the sidebar


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 09.37.34

Now from the new profile form we fill in our details.

  • URL – The URL of the site to be managed
  • Name – The profile name obviously πŸ™‚

Now we choose how we get our initial data in: –

Upload file
You can upload any data source to us as long as it contains the actual links. Typically people will upload one of the following: –

Tip: If you want to save yourself some time on the initial profile creation you can also just download ALL of the above data sources and zip them into one big zip file and upload that! πŸ™‚
You dont even need to unzip the MajesticSEO zip files just throw them at the server in one big zip file and we sort it all out for you πŸ™‚

Obviously after we have put our initial data in we can add extra data at any point and even have the system pull in new data when it sees it, more on that later πŸ™‚
Paste a list of links

If you are the type of person who keeps accurate and complete records and reports of everything thats ever been built or acquired by a site then we will accept that as a pasted list… you just need to make sure they all start with ‘http or https’. You can paste up to 5meg of data into that box which is about as much as the complete works of Shakespeare… so should be enough for most people!


Import from MajesticSEO

If you have a MajesticSEO account (and if youre an SEO agency why wouldnt you! ?) you can link it directly with your LInkRisk account and pull the data in automatically. Simple..

Import from Webmaster Tools

We were the first and as of writing only tool to allow you to directly connect your WMT account with your LinkRisk account.
So once we have the initial data run in the profile we can go on to set the system up to automate things from here on.

From within your profile click on “Profile Control Panel”


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.12.52


Some tasks to do from the control panel that pops open.

First lets enable rescans


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.37.11


Ticking this box will set the system to auto rescan the links in the profile on a weekly basis. If you are managing the clients profile this means that you will be able to ensure that you always have an up to date view of the clients link profile.

Tip: For agencies this is a easy way for you to sell the monitoring and management of a clients link profile back into the client. A monthly export into excel and some screenshots of the changes in the profile on a month by month basis shows the client that you are on top of their link profile and proactively managing their risk.


Next lets enable daily imports


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.36.51


By ticking these boxes you can enable your LinkRisk account to connect daily to any of these data sources and bring in any new links that they have found. Thats right, you will have the power of Google, MajesticSEO and Ahrefs crawling the web and finding new links pointing at your client automatically!

Heres how to link up Majestic, Ahrefs and WMT

Once thats set up whenever one of these services finds a new link we will pull it into the profile, crawl it, score it and add it to the ‘Latest Links’ list so you can see whats new and decide what to do about it.

Some of the agencies we have using this for their clients are selling this in as an additional service and have prevented issues like: –

  • Chinese scrapers using an RSS feed to scrape content from a client
  • Affiliates aggressively using tactics outside of terms
  • Competitors stealing content for their own sites
  • And more…

OK so now we have our users set up, main data in, our rescans and daily imports sorted, lets dive in to best practice tips for the profile itself.

Tips for analysing profiles

If you have a disavow already, upload that from you Profile Control Panel.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.32.44


When you upload a disavow we validate it (so we can be sure that it would be accepted by Google) and parse it in the same way we believe they do. Any links within the disavow file will have their LinkRisk score reset to 500 (Neutral) and added to your Disavowed list so you can forget about them as they are already dealt with.

Now lets see what we have left to sort.

Most people start by killing off the obvious bad stuff.

From the main profile screen use the LinkRisk donut to filter to your bad links (Click the red bad links section to filter the list below)

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 13.38.03


Now you can look through these and if you like add the whole lot to your remove list for contact later to request removals.

Tip: To do all your bad links at once click the dropdown below the donut (where it says main view) and choose LinkRisk from that list.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 13.41.05


Then expand the bad links section and from the grey header bar (top most one shown below) click the X to add them all to the remove list in one go! (May take a while so the system will do that in the background whilst you pop for lunch)

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 13.41.14


Then just go back to your bad list and remove any that you arent sure you want to just remove without looking at them first.

Repeat for any of the summary reports and then move into your suspect links.

When reviewing the suspect links many people prefer to add these to the investigate list (the triangle) and review those manually before deciding to keep or kill.

Carry on slicing through the data in this way until everything that could be an issue is added to a list.

To explain our lists we have: –

  • Tick – Keep (a list to store your best links in)
  • X – Remove (a list to store everything you want to try to remove)
  • Circle – Disavow (if its a full circle it was in your uploaded disavow file, half circle means it has been clicked in the profile but that disavow hasn’t been downloaded and submitted to Google yet – hence why half circles aren’t scored 500 by default NB you have to re-upload the disavow file to LinkRisk to set the scores to 500 for everything clicked within the profile)
  • Square – Ignore (add anything in here that you want to ignore, for example you might have a sitewide from the clients head office but you dont want anyone to ask them to remove it πŸ™‚ … the ignore list is all set to 500 to avoid it being an issue)

Tip: Remember to add all your best links to the keep list so you can make sure someone has a relationship with each of those site owners to ensure they stay passing great value and trust!

Now you have everything in a list – lets investigate some links!

The Investigate Tool

As you add links to the investigate list they also become available to our Investigate app. Once youve finished adding everything that needs someone to look at click top left in your profile and swap over to the investigate tool: –


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 14.06.05


Now within the investigate tool you (or all your users at once if you’re in a hurry!) can work through loading each of the sites in your investigate list and make a decision to Keep or Remove them. The way the app works is it will load each site in a new window or tab in your browser and load the scoring window in the main app. You can have your team rattle through all the links in the investigate list so you can say that a human being has hand reviewed every suspect link!


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 14.12.00


Simply clicking the Tick or Cross adds it to your profiles keep or remove lists.

OK everything is now added to lists, some stuff has been added to the remove list, some stuff has been investigated and added to a list. We are ready to get our data out…

Clicking the Profile Control Panel will allow you to now: –

  • Export any of your lists (the removal list for contacting for removal etc)
  • Upload more data as you find it (old link building reports from the client etc)
  • Download, approve and re-upload the disavow as its lodged with Google


You should now have the ability to say to clients: –

  • We have reviewed your link profile and here are your best and your worst links (they cant blame you for the bad ones if youve highlighted them)
  • We are monitoring the links and will report out to you monthly on all the links you have gained and how good or bad they are
  • We have updated your disavow file and will continue to add to it if we see links that you havent placed but which seem risky

Id suggest all of that helps you with your client because: –

  • It insures you against being blamed for legacy links you inherited (its always the latest links that are blamed and never 2006’s directory links!)
  • It protects the clients against links being acquired without their knowledge (negative seo or rogue elements within the client or just plain old scrapers)
  • It allows you to show actionable work and opportunities for the clients teams and your own (Partnership agreements etc)
  • It allows you to track the real impact of any marketing projects currently running.

That all sounds desirable and potentially profitable doesn’t it?

3. Getting competitors set up

The last thing most agencies now do is to get a basic profile setup for known key client competitors following this basic procedure: –

  • Set up a profile using MajesticSEO fresh
  • Turn on daily imports only for each profile

Then you will have all you need to do an initial intelligence report on the strength of the competition and their risk profile. You will also be able to present the client with a report on the links gained by their competition and insight into what tactics or activity they have been using to influence their rankings.

Clients love insight πŸ™‚

Happy LinkRisking and don’t forget to charge for the value you provide! πŸ™‚


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