Does SEO and SMM work together?

Does SEO and SMM work together

Do you realise how many times Google has changed its algorithms? An average SEO expert might say around 10-15 times per year, which is the correct answer according to Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History. Also, each major update reconsiders and tweaks the ranking factors, pulling down some sites and prioritising others and of course adding new factors. Among these factors is SMM signals, which have remained an important factor for being well ranked in Google, as stated by Searchmetrics in their newly launched Ranking Factors Research.  

SEO has always been much more than just on-page optimisation and keyword research, but today the enormity of the search market has become a constantly evolving and growing aspect of getting your website ranked. New factors are appearing everyday and affecting your ability to beat your competitors in the SERPS. Without reacting proactively on the changes in search, you are bound to see your site slip from any decent rankings you may have achieved.

When it comes to social media marketing and search rankings, we are actually examining a number of factors that can contribute to your overall search marketing or digital strategy. Among the most obvious ones are the engagement rate and the number of followers or fans you have on your social media channels. In order to increase dramatically any of these metrics, you must publish meaningful and useful information on your website, as it is crucial to receive this traffic on your site; only in this case, will it boost your rankings. One of the best and most proven tactics in making things happen here is to create and publish quality content that encourages users to share, like, and link to your pages. Using this simple but effective tactic can lead to increased subscriptions and an improved social media profile, as well as growth number of fans and number of followers, and, most importantly, an increased number of visits to your website from Social Media channels…all of which will lead to better search rankings!

As your reputation for quality content grows you begin to see an intrinsic link between your website and its rankings within the search engines – the more communities start to support your website and as your networks grow, your reputation is reinforced and your content is considered authoritative in SEO terms.

The reason we can count social media as one of the important website rankings factors is simply because Google has been tracking social media platforms and displaying results in Google Analytics. You can clearly track where your social activity is coming from and how it is performing against your KPI’s from this area – but as we all know Google keep their algorithms under lock down so we have no way to tell just how influential in reality social media activity. However, it is absolutely correct to say that no matter how big or small your website, social media is important and is only likely to become more important as the web becomes more and more responsive to user requests.

Among other pro’s with regards to SMM importance must be definitely added the newly launched Google update that gives an ability to discover tweets in Google search in desktop version. So, it means from now Twitter becomes an additional way of being more visible in SERP, and receiving immediate social improvement from other users, which have recently shared tweets about your brand.

Tweets in Google Desktop Search

It’s quite obvious that improving your brand’s online presence through relevant SMM platforms to your business, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn, positively influences your brand authority and sends relevant traffic to your domain. As a result, it provides a solid boost to your website’s SEO visibility. Therefore, social media matters.

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