Essential Tools for high-performance SEM and SEO

Essential Tools for high-performance SEM & SEO (2)

The Kerboo blog today features a post from Will Newland from In his article, he shares his favorite tools for boosting your SEM and SEO presence.

It’s not hocus pocus. It certainly isn’t down to good luck. Quality website optimization takes time, knowledge and the help of some of our favourite tools and web-kits. By no means are these the only ones an SEO specialist will ever want or need, but if you ever wondered what we spend our days in front of our laptops staring at, well, here you go:


Majestic is, in our experience, the very best tool available on the web for backlink analysis. Boasting a vast and comprehensive database of link data available to the public. When crunching your own site’s numbers, Majestic returns a list of all the top pages that link to you and then lets you track them, ensuring that you can maintain the quality of backlinks across your site. It also identifies your site’s top pages but most interestingly, encourages you to link to other pages on your site to bring them up to scratch.

We had a look at healthcare clinical outcomes specialists, Amplitude Clinical and as you can see in the attached screenshot they have backlinks showing in their Majestic site review from other healthcare companies in similar fields, Bluespier and BOFAS.

majestic_seo (1)


If content is your game, Buzzsumo is the tool to really sink your teeth into. After trawling the web for content based on your search queries, the program returns with a host of valuable data on that content’s performance in the world of social media. In addition to this invaluable measure of a piece of information’s worth, Buzzsumo can also identify key influencers in an industry or a subject and provides raw data on the content of competitors’ sites.



An incredibly powerful tool that puts a vast amount of data at the researcher’s fingertips, Moz allows the user to evaluate, measure and monitor both the onsite as well as off-site aspects of a website’s search engine optimization. If this wasn’t enough, it also lets you manage your social media accounts.



Working for an agency with a host of different companies can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure of all the terms used within each of their industries. More often than not, those companies are equally unaware of the keywords trending in their field. SEMrush provides the ability not only to see the relevant search terms within an industry, but also which pages are ranking for the terms in question. Providing a huge pool of opportunity, SEMrush also offers insights into the keywords that your competitors are ranking for allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the marketing landscape your company is competing in.


We conducted a site audit using SEMrush of American jewellery make Stephanie Weaver. The screenshot above illustrates how her site has been optimized to minimize the total number of errors on the pages.


Never underestimate the power of your network. Though attending industry events represents, first and foremost, a chance to seek counsel and educate oneself at the hands of experts in their field, perhaps more valuable still is the opportunity it presents in terms of developing your personal network. A talented and broad network is an invaluable asset in an industry where anyone with a computer connected to the net can claim to be able to achieve the same results as you. The reputation of your connections can potentially speak volumes far greater than your sales pitch. Many platforms designed for the purpose of finding events in your industry exist, one we use often and would recommend is Eventbrite. In the world of SEM, one conference we always look forward to is BrightonSEO. Taking place twice a year and combining talks from some of the best speakers in the world of search with workshops designed to improve your skills, this year’s event (September 17th-18th), promises to be as valuable as ever.

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