Audit Season : #3 Brand New Info Panels

kerboo season #3



We’ve updated our Info Panels this week to be much more informative about the situation and what to do next.


We’ve redesigned all our exports with helper text and action buttons. Whilst not a big feature update this week, this Audit Season is about improving the usability of the suite as much as adding new functionality (some of which is coming next week!).



What is Audit Season?

We’ve broken a large update that could take months into smaller releases, we call the entire update a Season and this is the first one, Audit Season.

What’s next?

*cough* Customisable emails *cough*


About Dom Hodgson

Dom Hodgson is CTO of Kerboo, He heads up the technology team and platform design, he is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days

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