July Digital Marketing Digest: Hottest News and Insights

Kerboo July Digital Marketing Digest
July was hot, and so is our digest. We revised our digital marketing blogosphere and picked up the most thrilling blog posts and news: the latest innovations in analysis tools, smoking hot changes in content marketing, great guides to on-page SEO, link-building trends, fresh strategies for keyword research, recent SEO news, and the most remarkable applications. Learn all about these things and stay on top of the latest changes, and make them work for you.


8 Ways Content Marketers Can Hack Facebook Multi-Product Ads by Alan Coleman
New opportunities to promote your content on Facebook are provided with Multi-product Ads, which were revealed in 2014. These are aimed mainly at product advertising, but by using a couple of hack tricks, you can turn them into Multi-content Ads. Besides, Facebook is the perfect platform for personalized interaction, which is proven to be effective and, thus, will offer even more opportunities for promotion. People comment and ask, and they share and tag friends—and you don’t have to pay for that. Alan Coleman’s tips will help you use the tool to its full potential.

7 Smoking Hot Changes Coming Soon to Content Marketing by Jeff Bullas
Summarizing is never in vain. Andy Preisler’s post is all about it. The author presents seven trends in content marketing you should become acquainted with:

  • Mobile users are becoming a priority. Tweet this!
    The number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users back in 2014, and it’s still growing. So make sure your content is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Visual content will become more important than ever.
    Videos, pictures, and graphics are what your audience wants. To stay on top, you’ll have to include them.
  • Content should be personalized. Tweet this!
    The more specific your content is, the more positive feedback from your audience you will receive. People like to read about what they are interested in. If you know your product, you probably know something about your buyers. Use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Collaborative marketing will become popular. Tweet this!
    Keep an eye on your competitors, but know your potential partners as well. If any business has the same target audience as yours but doesn’t have competing interests, you can collaborate and start the whole campaign that will help you both promote your products.
  • Companies will drop more money on content marketing. Tweet this!
    Content marketing works. And there is simply no reason why companies should stop.
  • Content should be condensed, clickable, and interactive. Tweet this!
    Interactive content is fun and users like it. Adding some entertaining elements to your content is something definitely worth doing.
  • Analytics are hot – literally. Tweet this!
    Heat maps are hot news! Do you want to learn more about your own site? Which parts of it, and which links and blog posts are best at capturing users’ attention? The new tool will shed more light on how effectively your page is organized, and what should be rewritten.

How to Turn One Idea into Two Months of Content Marketing by Roger C. Parker
Roger C. Parker has introduced the idea of “serializing” content. Creating a series of blog posts with a common theme is a good idea, if you know a lot about a topic. Make your blog more consistent by extending your ideas into comprehensive and educational content that is organized around a common theme. Learn how to implement this unusual strategy.

On-page SEO

9 Formatting Tactics That Will Double Your Readers’ Average Time on Page by Neil Patel
A great new guide to on-page SEO was released by Neil Patel on July 7. This material is useful both for newcomers and experienced digital marketers alike. It covers the most essential topics that you should pay attention to in order to boost your website’s rankings and improve your traffic. Here is a list of everything mentioned:

  1. Site Speed. How long are you willing to wait for a page to load? And how long are your customers willing to wait? Make sure your website’s loading time is under two seconds and you’ll avoid instantly losing 47 percent of your visitors.
  2. Essential Tag Fundamentals. Title tags and meta description are the first things users see. Your aim should be to make them short but catchy. The problem is much more difficult than it seems at first sight.
  3. Creating Content that Drives Search Traffic. Well-written articles are more likely to attract consumers’ attention than annoying ads. Unlike one-sided advertising, content fosters communication. Creating quality content is about meeting your customers’ expectations, so don’t let them down.
  4. Optimizing Crawlability. The rules here are simple: structure the architecture of your website wisely and remove broken links. There are at least several tools that will check your website’s crawlability.
  5.  Mobile-friendly. The number of mobile devices is increasing, and the number of mobile users exceeds the number of desktop users – we’ve already learned this with the help of Andy Preisler’s post. This means that the majority of your consumers will visit your webpage via their mobile devices, so it’s essential for you to make it mobile friendly.

The On-page SEO Cheat Sheet by Neil Patel
If your blog readers scan your posts for less than 10 seconds, then this article is the survival guide for you. Find out what you’re missing. Do you know that a side bar can be a distraction? What is the optimal number of images for different types of articles? How can you make your webpage more stylish with the help of lists, contents and infographics? Learn how to improve your content marketing strategy with actionable tips and proven techniques that will positively affect your blog’s performance.


What I’ve Learned Auditing and Removing Unnatural Links by Chris Dayson
Google’s logic is essentially “Show me your link profile and I’ll tell you if your website is trustworthy.” That’s why having too many unnatural links can result in a ranking penalty. Google keeps an eye on your link profile, and so should you – with the help of Chrys Dyson’s tips.

Link Building: No Longer About Manipulation by Andrew Dennis
The links leading to your website are an indicator of the quality of your business network. Link building is no longer about cheating; neither is it a purely technical skill. Now it’s a job that requires intelligence, as well as communication and relationship building. Choose your partner sites wisely, so that the emergence of a link to your website will make perfect sense to your audience.


Pinpoint vs. Floodlight Content and Keyword Research Strategies – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin
The next Whiteboard Friday turned into a discussion about two opposite strategies you can apply when performing keyword research. “Pinpoint” and “floodlight” strategies are two possible options. You can either follow one of them or use them both in combination.


Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager to Improve Its Rankings In Google by Barry Schwartz
Are you wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke delivered late? Haha, nope! Google is also struggling to attain SEO visibility, and, thus, looking for a search engine optimization project manager. Google is looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering, four years of experience developing websites and applications, and two years of SEO experience. Looking for a job? The position is still vacant!

Facebook Changes How It Charges Brands for Ad Clicks by Tim Peterson
Woohoo! Great news for all Facebook advertisers–you don’t have to pay for comments, likes or shares anymore. Now, you’ll only be charged when users click on “Shop Now” or “Install,” which is usually more likely to lead to conversion.

Manage Twitter Ads on the Go by Christine Lee
It’s finally happened! Now you can use your smartphone to run your business, and you can literally do it from anywhere. Twitter has released a mobile app that let’s you check your campaigns’ performance; optimize, budget and schedule; and respond to notifications.

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