LinkRisk for Agencies: Part 2

A while ago we did a post called LinkRisk for Agencies Part 1

It was named Part 1 as I knew we had big plans even then for the eventual launch of a wider suite and so it made sense to make it the start of a series. Today we are publishing part 2 of that series.

In Part 1 we looked at getting your Audit profiles set up and sorting out things like competitor spying etc.

Today we will look at the opposite end of the spectrum and try to look at a complete service offering for your clients, everything from automatic monitoring to outreach and beyond.

Buckle up, its a long one :)

The services we will look at today will be: –

  • Automatic link profile management and reporting
  • Competitor insight and reporting
  • Link monitoring
  • Outreach and new site discovery

Automatic link profile management and reporting

Lets get our clients set up quickly

In part one we looked at how to get this set up and set on auto pilot

Add all your data on the initial profile

Add Data

Add the existing disavow file to the profile


Set up daily imports so the profile will automatically connect on a daily basis to your linked data sources, pull in any newly found links, crawl them, score them and then email you to explain how that affects the overall risk of the profile. This makes it super easy to demonstrate to the client that you are on top of their profile and you are proactively disavowing bad links as they appear.

(Remember thats just a few clicks… add it to the disavow list, download the latest disavow file and upload to webmaster tools)


Chargeable services here: –

  • Link profile management
  • Link audit
  • Disavow file management

Competitor insight and reporting

Because running profiles is so quick and easy, why not offer clients the ability to monitor their competition and see what they are up to?

Create profiles for each of their stated competitors and set daily imports on for Majestic or Ahrefs (Obviously you wont have WMT for this)

When the initial profile is complete, do a quick audit to get everything into the approve or remove list to give you a quick way to export the competitors good or bad links and show them to your client with comments and advice.

Once a month diary a task to go and look at every link not in a list, like this:


And you can see every link that the competitor has built in the last month. Because this is a filter we can also download this list from our Profile Control Panel by exporting “the current filter” and then add our comments etc before reporting out to the client. A few clicks and you have an important insight piece for your client and you have ammo to help you convince the client that working on long term SEO is better than using obvious tactics for short term gain.

Now thats just links, why don’t we go poking around in Peek too?

Say your client markets to dentists in San Diego and wants to target the clients of his competitor, Peek gives us client lists in seconds :)


There you go… A target list to go after in 8 seconds….

Link monitoring

Ever had a situation where you agreed a placement with a blogger only to be informed by the client (!) a month later that the link seems to have been removed?

Using Monitor you can automate the process of keeping an eye on everything you’ve built and take corrective action before the client suffers when a blogger starts being sneaky.

Add all your reported links to the approve list in your clients Audit profile.


Now hop over to and lets pull that approved list in


As you can see, we will check on a daily basis and make sure nothing has changed (It will alert you if the link has changed 3 days in a row) and you can pull in your approved list directly from your Audit profile in one click too.

Outreach and new site discovery

Like most agencies I am sure you need to conduct outreach and data gathering services for your clients. Peek makes that a breeze.

Lets go and do a quick outreach job now, step by step…

OK I’ve been asked to find sites that talk about ‘ponds, pond equipment, fishkeeping’ etc but they have to have decent metrics, some social presence and they need to be on a domain….. Just the sort of fun task we all love :)

In most agencies thats someone tied up searching Google and browsing forums for a week. Lets try and do it all in Peek in under 1 minute :)

1-300x166 (1)

And in the export we have data like this


Job done! In seconds….

You will also be able to then send these automatically out to BuzzStream for outreach management.


I hope that you can see that the LinkRisk suite is now a toolset that not only represents a core part of every agencies toolkit but it also opens up a huge opportunity for any agency to sell more, get more customers and secure all your existing business.


Ready to get started?

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