Weekly Update: Sonic Booms, Austin PubCon, Award Nominations & Three Suite Tips

Ah May! It finally feels like Spring has arrived at our Leeds office after the snow from last week and a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend (which was briefly made exciting by two sonic booms heard across the city!).

We’re still on cloud nine from last week award nomination…

Today is Austin’s PubCon, unfortunately we weren’t able to make it this year but we have shared a Snapchat Filter for the event. We’ll see you in Vegas this October PubCon-ners!

Snapchat for Austin Draft for Dan_thumb

Below are three Peek focused Top Tips, and a hint for tomorrow’s Audit Season update.

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1. Use the IP Address search as a sales and prospecting tool


2.  Use the Similar Sites results to review related content 


3.  Utilise the Peek Bookmarklet for when you come across a useful site N6mNZEY2XQ

Audit Season Update

Tomorrow’s update is all about lists…

See you next week!
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