Weekly Update: Top Tips on List Management & brightonSEO Kerboo Quiz

Like everyone else, we can’t wait for Thursday afternoon so we can get down to this year’s brightonSEO! In the meantime, here three top tips on List management in Audit, a hint on what’s to come next in our Audit Season, and details on how you can get involved in our Twitter Quiz at brightonSEO!

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1. Q: Why should I put my links in lists in Audit? 

A: Adding your links into lists in Audit is often the first step that we recommend in creating and implementing a successful workflow; providing you the ability to efficiently manage new links in future and helping you maintain a low LinkRisk score. If you’d like to discuss these workflows in more detail, or had any questions about list management, don’t hesitate to book in a free training session with us at a date and time that suits you.

2.  How to monitor a link you’ve spotted in Audit 

After finding a link you’d like to monitor within the link results table (this could be one of particular value to you that you don’t want to lose for example) click on the Monitor symbol. This will send the link automatically into Monitor:



3. You’ve investigated your links, now get them back into Audit for resolving

Once you’ve investigate your links, if you go into Exports you can then edit and define the rules you’d like and export those links back into the appropriate list into Audit.



How to take part in our brightonSEO Twitter Quiz for a chance to win one of these guys…

Twitter Card for #brightonSEO


Here’s Kevin, the first in our Kerboo Conference & Event Set! We have quite a few of these guys to give away at brightonSEO on Friday.

“How do I get one?!” I hear you ask… you simply need to:

  1.  Follow us on Twitter
  2.  Keep an eye on the the #brightonSEO hashtag
  3.  Tweet us your answer as quickly as you can!
  4.  We’ll then pick and announce the winner on Twitter so you can come and collect your minifigure!

Every 20mins or so throughout the day (Friday 22nd April 2015 between 9AM-5PM), we’ll tweet a question (or maybe an action!) and the first correct answer (unless stated otherwise) will win a Kevin. As with these sorts of things, there are a few common sense T&Cs of course i.e, no more than one minifigure per person etc.

What’s Next In Audit Season?

Well, lets just say we want to keep you informed as much as possible…

If you’re coming to brightonSEO we’ll see you there!
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