Weekly Update: Top Tips & Majestic Webinar Details

Welcome back for our weekly update! We’ve got three Kerboo top tips and details of an upcoming calq webinar that may teach you new things about Majestic.

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1. Why does Kerboo only allow one URL per profile?

When you create a profile in Kerboo, it will ask for one domain per profile, this is because, just like Google, we rank data collected on an individual URL level for accuracy and a more granularity.


2. Use the Notes functionality in Investigate to add additional information to tagged sites

You can add further detail to accompany your Investigate Tags when investigating websites.


3.  Did you know that Monitor will notify you if a link becomes inactive?

You can update your notification settings in Monitor so that you’ll be notified when a link becomes inactive. When set up, you don’t need to worry about being pestered with notifications from fragile sites because the system will check if a link is inactive three times to make very sure of it’s status before notifying you.


Use Majestic?

Registration is now open for calq’s latest webinar featuring Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of Majestic; who will go into detail on his favourite and under-used aspects of the tool.

Dixon-Jones-Upcoming (1)


See you next week!
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