Weekly Update: Top Tips & Link Building Webinars

Welcome back for our weekly update! We’ve got three Kerboo top tips and details of two upcoming calq webinars that that have a link building focus.

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1.Use Investigate for Broken Link Opportunities

In Audit, you can use the advanced filter to view all links that are broken. Use the bulk action to add these to your Investigate list to manually evaluate if you want the links rebuilding; you can then export the list of the URLs you’d like to rebuild ready for you to contact the associated webmasters. 


2. Have a Suggestion, or Have Some Feedback? Get in Touch.

We love customer feedback and strive to continually improve our suite of applications, so please don’t hesitate to drop me (Joyce) an email with your thoughts on the suite. 

3. Manage Your Links in Audit into Lists

Adding your links into lists in Audit is often the first step that we recommend in creating and implementing a successful workflow; providing you the ability to efficiently manage new links in future and helping you maintain a low LinkRisk score. If you’d like to discuss these workflows in more detail, or had any questions about list management, don’t hesitate to book in a free training session with us at a date and time that suits you. 

Interested in Link Building?

Registration is now open for two upcoming calq webinars!

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Amy Merrill: The Link Building Gap – Identifying and Filling It
Wednesday 2nd March at 3PM – 4PM GMT 
Amy is Chief SEO & Link Strategist for Page One Power.
During this live webinar Amy will share her knowledge and advise us on how to take advantage of link opportunities. Amy will:

  • Debunk the idea that you should passively earn links
  • Share a template for identifying your own link building gap analysis. From this, you will be able to determine the situation you are currently in and your ideal scenario (something to work towards)
  • Explain specific link building tactics you can utilise based on different ‘gap analysis scenarios’

Register now, or learn more about Amy’s webinar topic by visiting the calq blog post.

Samuel Scott: How to Earn Natural Links with Publicity Campaigns
Thursday 10th March 5PM – 6PM (GMT)
Samuel is Director of Marketing & Communications for As a former journalist and newspaper editor, Samuel has expert advice on how to reach an audience and how to create and implement effective marketing and PR campaigns that cumulate in acquiring those much-sought-after valued links.
Scott will explain how to obtain backlinks, citations, and social-media mentions.
Register now If you’re interested in link building, and you want to understand SEO in more detail. Visit the calq blog post to learn more about Samuel and his webinar topic.

See you next week!
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