Weekly Update: Top Tips & Aleyda Solis calq Webinar

I can’t believe we’re already midway through February! Time feels like it’s flying here as we continuing our work on some exciting updates, as well as working closely with a few of you to develop workflows. We’re also very excited about hosting a calq webinar this Wednesday with Aleyda Solis.

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1.Set up daily imports from Majestic

Majestic data can be up to 90 days old when we first scan profiles, that’s why it’s essential that you set up daily imports from Majestic into your profile – ensuring the data received by the Kerboo system is the most up to date and the most valid, allowing you to make better decisions in link management. You do this by going to Control Panel within Audit – and going to Imports – ticking Daily Imports.



2. Changing the tags in Investigate to help give context

You can use Investigate to manually sort through sites for all sorts of reasons (from sorting your Suspect links, to checking sites to outreach to) and the default tags may not be directly useful to you; you can update these to whatever you like instead that helps for your sorting.



3. Using the Advanced Filters in Peek will narrow your search and provide fewer results


calq Aleyda Solis’ webinar 


For our upcoming calq webinar, which will take place on Wednesday (February 17) from 2:00-3:00 p.m (GMT), we’ve invited Aleyda Solis, international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti, to present.

Solis will be speaking on how to effectively realise different content opportunities , find relevant topics and create engaging content. As an experienced blogger at Moz and State of Digital and a columnist at Search Engine Land, Solis has valuable insight on how to deliver content on time, despite having an approaching deadline and no idea of what to write about.

You can read more about her webinar on the calq blog or register for the free webinar now.

I’ll be co-hosting so I hope to see you there!

Speak soon and keep an eye out for next week’s update,
Account Manager

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