Weekly Update: Three suite tips with new Audit Season updates & a calq webinar with Julie Joyce

We’re nearing the end of May already – this month has gone so quickly! As well as continued development into our new modules, we’ve had some great updates with our Audit Season this month. In this week’s updated I’ve included Audit focused top tips and the registration link for calq’s upcoming webinar with Julie Joyce.

Three Kerboo suite top tips with the new Audit Updates

1. Get just the notifications you need. Update your email settings via Notifications in the Control Panel. 


2.  Acquired a super-valued link? Look after it by adding it to your Monitor list.

Adding it to your Monitor list means we check on it every day and you’ll be emailed if it’s status changes (you can decide which status that is).  


3.  Reviewing your links, you can now quickly spot the attributed anchor text.




Registration is now open for calq’s latest webinar with Julie Joyce


It’s clear that links are officially and still the biggest ranking signal; join us on Wednesday 25th March 2PM – 3PM (GMT), where Julie will talk us through how this vital signal has changed and what you need to do to succeed.

Make sure to keep an eye out for a replay of Dawn Anderson’s webinar on The Quest for Crawl Rank, as well as invitation to our our upcoming June webinars with Sam Noble and Shelli Walsh

See you next week!
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