Weekly Update: Team News & Top Tips

Our Kerboo family is growing: We have TWO baby announcements!
Late in January we saw the birth of our developer Michal’s little girl Michalina and on Monday we saw the earlier-than-planned arrival of Dom and Heather’s girl Scarlett

Hello Scarlett, your five weeks early but welcome to the family (mum and baby are fine!)

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Everyone is doing well and we’re all very excited about these new arrivals!

Now back to our normal programming! Below are three top tips to help you get the most of the Kerboo suite:

Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1. What’s difference between importing links and copy & pasting links into Investigate?

When you import the Investigate list from Audit, Investigate is able to search the sites for the link location on the specific page. However,  if you were to directly copy and paste links into Investigate, you will able to cycle through the sites, but it will be only on a domain level instead of a URL level. This is why we recommend you paste your links into Audit, then import them from there.

2. How to update your set & fire notifications on Rankings

If you’re tasked with tracking Keyword rankings, you don’t need to check into the Rankings app every day – you can update your notifications based on changes rankings may take, and the frequency of the updates.



3. Upgrade your package

If you’re consistantely running out of credits each month, you may want to upgrade your package which you can do via Accounts; clicking on Modify Package. You can then select a different package that suits your growing needs.



See you next week!
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Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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