Weekly Update: International Women’s Day, a Sneak Peek, Top Tips & calq Webinar

Welcome back for our weekly update!

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day today in the office, and we’d love to hear from you (you can tweet us); how are you celebrating and have you made a pledge?

This week we’ve got a sneak peek, our three suite top tips, and details on calq’s upcoming webinar on gaining links via publicity campaigns.

Sneak Peek Of Our Upcoming Update… 

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Three Kerboo Suite Top Tips 

1. Use the TLDs donut chart in Audit to spot some suspicious link building

The TLD chart (Top Level Domain) in Audit shows you the spread of domain extensions within your report; this chart is useful to check in on any suspicious link building activity, say if you had a large percentage of .cns (China) or .ru (Russia) despite not having any business those countries.


2. Find the most relevant contact information for a site using Peek

Using the advanced filters in Peek, you can find websites that fit your keyword search and have a contact method – you could then also use the search to narrow it further to spot the primary email address for example.


3. Connecting your Google Search Console, Majestic data and Arehfs data will provide a more accurate LinkRisk Score

The more data you plug into the Kerboo suite for a profile, the more accurate the LinkRisk score. You can do this via Audit, and clicking on Add Data.



Interested in Link Building?

This Thursday 10th March 5PM – 6PM (GMT), calq has invited Samuel Scott, the Director of Marketing and Communications for log management platform and a global marketing speaker, to give us expert advice on how to reach an audience and how to create and implement effective marketing and PR campaigns that cumulate in acquiring those much-sought-after valued links.

Register now for the upcoming webinar, “How to Earn Natural Links with Publicity Campaigns,” which will be held on March 10, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM GMT, and learn how to obtain backlinks, citations, and social-media mentions.



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