Upgraded Lists

For a while now you will have noticed that we have changed the way we handle lists within LinkRisk’s audit application.

Lists are an extremely important part of the audit workflow, many of our users rely on segmenting their profile into lists that allow them to deal with each section of the profile in a structured way.

If you look at the list of links in your profile now you will see these symbols at the side of each one.




These symbols give a simple way to add each link to one of our lists. In order, they are: –

  • The tick adds the link to your ‘Approve’ list
  • The alert adds the link to your ‘Investigate’ list
  • The X adds the link to your ‘Remove’ list
  • The half circle adds to or shows if the link is in your disavow list
  • The square marks the link to be ignored.

An explanation of each list


This list is where you add all the links you want to keep and that you want to make sure you keep long term, many customers make a concerted effort to get to know the sites in their keep lists and so maintain all those good links long term.


The investigate list allows you to isolate those links that need some sort of human review before a decision is made on what to do with each one. Our new Investigate app makes reviewing each link in your investigate list quick and easy to review.


Adding links to your remove list is a simple way of exporting out all the links in the profile where you would like to contact the webmaster and try to get the link removed. Using tools like Rmoov or good old Excel.


The disavow list is populated either by importing your current disavow file from Google or by clicking the symbol to add it to the list within Audit.


There are sometimes instances where you see a link in a profile and know its not a problem, perhaps its a link from the clients head office or maybe its a link you know is being dealt with in another way. Adding them to the ignore list resets the LinkRisk score to 500 so you can get on with just looking at the links that are of concern.


Tips to get the most from lists

Not only can you add individual links to any of the lists but you can also add them in bulk.

Adding to the disavow

You can add to your disavow list by simply using the upload disavow file and uploading a .txt or .csv file from your existing disavow.

Adding multiple sites from the same domain

Where you see “and x more” under a link you can click to expand and show those links

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 14.55.32

When you expand it you can all the links to any list in one go by clicking the symbol in the white section below the top link, shown here: –

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 14.55.45

This principle of adding links in bulk to lists also applies when you use our report switcher to view summaries of your profile data: –

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 15.00.00

By selecting any one of these summary views you can then add all of that sub section to a list. For example how about adding all the pagerank -1 (greybar) links to the remove list in one go?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 15.01.49

Just click the symbol for the list you want to add to in the header section of the summary detail. If its a lot of crunching to do we will show a helpful message and get on with adding them in the background for you.

Start using lists today and make short work of managing your link profile with LinkRisk.


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