No More Copy and Paste with MajesticSEO Integration

It’s Monday morning on the 6th of January and it’s time for our first update of 2014, MajesticSEO this morning released an update to the OpenAPPS platform which sends us a callback when someone clicks to integrate, we’ve been asking for this feature for a while as now MajesticSEO is now like our other partners, you click Connect with MajesticSEO, agree to share your account data with us and it sends you back to LinkRisk all connected, no more copy and pasting!


Connect with MajesticSEO

Connect with MajesticSEO






Thanks and a Happy new year to Dixon, Alex and the MajesticSEO team


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Dom Hodgson is CTO of Kerboo, He heads up the technology team and platform design, he is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days

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