New Filter: All links not in a list

One of the things we get asked for all the time is to be able to show the user everything that is not currently within a list. Within Audit when you are going through the process of filtering down what links you have and adding them to lists it can become a little difficult to make sure that you have everything covered off and in its correct list.

Now you can with our new ‘Unlisted’ filter.

A reminder of our list functionality in Audit.

We have a number of lists for you to add your links to, either at URL level or at domain level, here are the lists and what to use them for: –

  • Approve – For the links you want to keep, your best links.
  • Investigate – For those sites you want to view manually in our investigate app.
  • Remove – This list is for everything you want to try to get removed by the webmaster.
  • Disavow – This shows if you plan to or already have disavowed this link or domain.
  • Ignore – This resets that link / domain to a LinkRisk score of 500 (Used where you have sitewides from head office etc that you don’t want anyone to request a removal etc)

You can add links or domains to these lists either from the list one by one or you can add items in bulk using our summary reports.

Most users will spend time in their profiles adding every link to one of these lists so they know what they have reviewed and what action is being taken. For most users they will also have ‘daily imports’ turned on and these will be coming in and populating your latest links list, awaiting review.

To see these lists after adding everything you want to them simply filter your profile by lists as follows: –


As you can see, you can filter your profile to show you any of the standard lists but you can also now show you only those links that have not already been added to a list.



Paul Madden

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Paul looks after sales, marketing and heads up client services for Kerboo Paul is a well known face in UK SEO and has been making a living through his various businesses online for well over a decade. Paul speaks on a regular basis both in the UK, Europe and the USA and is known for his ability to scale businesses and remain on the forefront of where the industry is heading.

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