LinkRisk and Buzzstream



At LinkRisk we are proud of our ability to partner and integrate with partners (such as MajesticSEO and Ahrefs) today we are announcing a new partnership with BuzzStream, BuzzStream is the world leader in outreach communication we are immensely proud to be working with them.
With the integration you can..

  • Link your BuzzStream and LinkRisk accounts.
  • Send any of our lists into BuzzStream to allow the two tools to help you with your outreach management.

Linking up your accounts

To link your account, just go to the Modify Details page in and click the BuzzStream tab, we will take you to BuzzStream who will ask you to confirm that you want to connect with LinkRisk.


Thats it, one click integration done! :)

Doing outreach using BuzzStream and LinkRisk

Now the two accounts are linked up we can get on with the fun stuff of making outreach easy and efficient.

As normal in LinkRisk when you are auditing your link profile we strongly suggest getting everything into one of our lists to make it easier to understand what action you are going to take with them. So once you have everything in a list click on the ‘Profile control panel’ button.


From the BuzzStream tab you can now select the project you want (By default projects aren’t enabled on your BuzzStream account so if you haven’t enabled them we will just add them into the account without a project).

Choose the project from the dropdown list and select the lists you want to send over (in our case we often send the Remove list)

We even have a tickbox to make LinkRisk send any updates to this list over to BuzzStream on a daily basis.

Ready to get started?

For one low monthly subscription you get access to the entire Kerboo suite, view our packages page to learn more and sign up today. Feel you need to see what we can do first? Book a quick 20 minute online demo with one of our experts to see what Kerboo can do for you.