Introducing Outreach

LinkRisk runs on over 80 servers all around the world, many of these servers are used for link scanning and processing the scoring data but that only accounts for around 60% of the day, the rest of the time we’ve had them crawling the internet.

What is outreach?

Outreach is database of prospects for you to narrow down and contact for links, advertisements, guest posts or just to say hey!

How does it work?
You select the criteria of site that you want, such as a Fashion Site that accepts a guest post with PageRank > 4 that is hosted in the UK

We have a hand picked team who are categorising the sites found in our crawl, currently they are doing about 500-1000 sites per day but that is set to increase as we get further into the launch of Outreach.

We will return you a list of urls with some information shown but the URL hidden, clicking Get Details will add it to your account and give you the full information for that domain.

On each LinkRisk package you get a certain number of chances to reveal a sites details, here’s how that breaks down: –

  • Basic – 10
  • Plus – 25
  • Premium – 50
  • Platinum – 100

We decided to get you started with these numbers as we build inventory but we may alter them as that database grows, let us know what you think.

Outreach 1

Can I be more specific on the search?

If you want to really drill down and get the site that suits your campaign perfectly then you can move to the advanced filters and filter the results by things like: –

  • Majestic Citation and Trust Flow
  • The language of the site
  • The tags we have (keywords) extracted from the site
  • Even if they appear to accept guest posts, infographics or plain old advertising.

outreach by linkrisk

Won’t everyone just email the same sites?
When you click Get Details that site is added to your account AND taken out of the index for two weeks. This way we make sure that everyone doesn’t bombard the site thats first in the list.

Is this a BETA product?
No, although this is a very early version of what our vision is for Outreach, we want to get it into the hands of our subscribers as soon as possible. Your feedback and feature requests are always important but we really want to know what you want out of this tool.

How much does it cost?
Outreach is part of the LinkRisk Suite so as long as you have an active subscription.. it’s free!.

Paul Madden

About Paul Madden

Paul looks after sales, marketing and heads up client services for Kerboo Paul is a well known face in UK SEO and has been making a living through his various businesses online for well over a decade. Paul speaks on a regular basis both in the UK, Europe and the USA and is known for his ability to scale businesses and remain on the forefront of where the industry is heading.

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