New Feature: Additional reporting and analysis via LinkRisk UI

Hey LinkRiskers

We always listen to your feedback so you asked for it so we coded it!

You can now dig deeper into your data via the LinkRisk user interface.

Here is a list of all the available filters at a top level

LInkRisk Additional data filter

Want to know what domain extension your links have? You can see that now!

LR Domain Extension donut

And whats more, you can filter via the lists for the individual ccTLD’s

LR ccTLD List view

Want your link profile broken down by PageRank? You can see that now!

LR PageRank filter donut

Want to know what are the highest instances of sitewide links? You can see that now!

LR Sitewides Donut

We hope you are excited about these new features as we are.

Login and run a profile – or open an existing – and see the great new features that are live now.

Of course, all the data is included in any .csv exports you do but we know you all like to work within our pretty interface

Happy LinkRisking!

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