Accounts control panel and other recent changes

LinkRisk AccountsAll you regular LinkRisk users you may have noticed a few changes in the set up of your accounts and the introduction of the accounts control panel.

We soft launched this last week and have been making a few minor tweaks based on our user behaviour research.

It wasn’t a big update feature wise, but it sets the foundation for the next few large updates on LinkRisk – and we are constantly looking to the future so anything that allows us to streamline the update process later is always welcomed around the office – and by you our users we hope!

Here is an overview of the main changes –

  1. You can now remove users from your account – A commonly asked question that you can now self serve on – Useful for the bigger account types
  2. We’ve added new sub packages for when you only need to upgrade a small amount – The jump from basic to plus is a big one – so if you need more than 250,000 links scanned, but nowhere near the 2,000,000 offered on a plus package – you can upgrade via the accounts console to a halfway package.
  3. We’ve added a full usage meter to the system so you can check your usage on all the products from the dashboard – Again, we had lots of requests around how many credits do I have left? Who is using what % of the credits etc. – We have implemented this functionality so that everyone is clear about who is using what
  4. Outstanding invitations to new accounts now appear when you login to accounts – Now you can easily track which team members requested access to your profile but have not activated their account.
  5. All account management is now done from within the accounts panel and our new Login with LinkRisk system allows you to login to any tool in our suite (and soon to be launched partners) across the Internet. –¬†Login with LinkRiskThis was more¬†work than we expected! But now you can “OAuth” into any of the LinkRisk products and we intend on expanding this functionality across a number of partner sites – The plan being that logging in with LinkRisk will get you exclusive features and discounts – more to follow on this one
LinkRIsk Accounts

So that is the update on the recent changes to the system. We hope you like them and are already seeing the benefits of this.

As always, any questions please email us, jump on livechat or send us a tweet

Thank you and happy LinkRisking!


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