More accessible saved searches

When we introduced Saved Searches into Peek a few months ago – we were surprised at just how many people were using them and in what ways. Today we’ve released a small update which adds those saved searches direct to the homepage of Peek.

If you have a saved search, you’ll now see a box on the homepage with a dropdown of your saved searches, allowing you to easily jump into an advanced query.

Peek___Peek___LinkRiskWhilst we are on the subject of Peek, we’ve produced a quick three minute video showing some of the features and ways we recommend using Peek.


If you’d like a more in-depth run through of our system, feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a demo or webinar.


Dom & the team


About Dom Hodgson

Dom Hodgson is CTO of Kerboo, He heads up the technology team and platform design, he is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days

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