Kerboo Takes the Floor at PubCon Las Vegas 2015

Kerboo Takes the Floor (2)
Although PubCon can trace its roots all the way back to the early days of personal computer technology in the early 1980’s, they have taken front and centre stage since the year 2000 with the annual educational conference, PubCon Las Vegas. To date PubCon has seen an amazing 30,000 attendees and this year PubCon boasted a stellar list of sponsors and speakers, among which was Kerboo’s own Gareth Hoyle.

The Birth of PubCon

The name PubCon came about because the very first conference was held in a London pub and was a very informal meeting of webmasters and first generation search engine optimisers. The organiser of that first conference was Brett Tabke who is the current CEO of PubCon with a thirty year history within the industry. Not only has Brett written a variety of books for Western Design on assembly language programing but since 1984 he has also continuously operated a number of networking sites. PubCon Las Vegas has become a much anticipated yearly conference where renowned keynote speakers and presenters offer invaluable advice and a wealth of knowledge year after year.

Three Day Multi-track Conference

This event has grown to be a much anticipated opportunity to network with and learn from industry giants. Each year the number of sponsors grows and over the past 15 years the number of exhibitors has literally exploded. In keeping with the original meaning behind the name, the conference holds true to its roots as an informal pub gathering of professionals seeking to share industry insights in a setting that is more relaxed than the typical high-powered conference. Each of the three days is filled with concurrent sessions which attendees can migrate between whilst taking breaks to walk the exhibition floor, meeting new contacts whilst touching base with old friends.

Gareth Hoyle Takes the Floor

This year Kerboo’s own Gareth Hoyle took the floor, bringing insights from the UK and his years of experience. In his position as head of finance and operations, Gareth comes in contact with literally every end of Kerboo’s business dealings. Having many years’ experience in SEO, helping to grow one of the largest link building agencies to ever hit the UK, his knowledge of search marketing is unsurpassable. Together with Russ Jones (the Principal Search Scientist at Moz) and Jim Banks (the Global Head of Biddable Media for Cheapflights), Gareth participated in the session Linking 2015: Post Panda Mortem. The discussion lasted for an hour, and was focused on the latest tactics being utilized by top link builders through organic and strategic efforts. Tools launched more recently–which allow users to trace the quality of inbound links–were also discussed. When it comes to link building, Gareth is the master educator, and his talk was well-received by many in the industry.

This is a picture of Gareth having fun at Pubcon Las Vegas 😉

PubCon has grown to include industry leaders from around the globe and over the years, the social aspect of the gathering has been imbued with a flavour unique to the annual meeting in Las Vegas. Since the early days in that London pub, the annual conference in Las Vegas has continued to grow but has never lost that informal ambiance of a group of ‘friends’ sitting over a pint sharing ideas and learning from experiences each brings to the table. Whilst held in a huge assembly, the aim is to keep it as friendly as possible with the sole requirement for admittance is to check competition at the door.

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