Kerboo Highlights of September BrightonSEO

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Held twice yearly, Brighton SEO is the conference to attend! Not only is this a day jam packed with top performing industry speakers, it is a day to get out and about with SEO and marketing peers. Kerboo are happy to have shared this day with so many of the UKs leading industry professionals and our booth was a great success. We welcomed new faces, touched base with old friends and awarded some fun and exciting mystery prizes.

Kerboo on Relationships as the Key to Great Links

Throughout the day we Tweeted as the action built and the highlight came as our own Paul Madden presented his amazing slide presentation, Managing Relationships for Links. In his presentation Paul discussed the importance of people, it’s all about the people and once you lose sight of that, you lose high quality links. The key to great links is in establishing sound relationships. Just take a look through the presentation slides and you will see just how important this is!

Thanks for Stopping By!

When it came to the Kerboo booth at Brighton SEO, a great time was had by all. Not only did we have a chance to chat up some of the industry greats but for us the random draw gave over to some delightful moments.

It was sheer pleasure to see the laughter on faces as silly prizes were pulled from the lot.
BrightonSEO Kerboo spin winners

Winners included:

We had loads of fun choosing those mystery prizes and we would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the draw.

Beyond the Laughter – A Day of Learning

Lest we forget, Brighton SEO is a day where industry professionals from every end of the business get together to share insights they’ve gathered over the past half year. Yes, it’s a day to network with our peers but it is also a time to build on what we’ve learned. As the day progressed and speaker after speaker gave their presentations, it became apparent that this is a group of professionals willing to share their victories as well as their defeats. It may be a highly competitive industry, but it is a highly noble one as well.

All of the BrightonSEO speakers shared actionable insights and knowledge; this not only streamlines your creativity and motivates you to become a better marketer, it also gives you the right tools and how-to’s to improve your current process and business workflows. That’s why we want to provide you with the list of slides from September 2015, so you’ll have a chance to recap it!

Mindy GoftonFinding the Words: Getting Customer Buy-in for Your SEO Strategies

Stacey MacNaughtYour Content is Awesome – Now What?

Jon EarnshawIs your content working better for someone else?

Kelvin NewmanHow to have less rubbish ideas

Samantha NobleHow to Compete on Google Shopping

Paddy MooganReverse Engineering Successful Content

Gianluca FiorelliAn Actionable Guide to Keywords and Topical Research

Jon HenshawOn-Page SEO for Mobile

Greg GiffordLocal SEO – A Seriously Awesome Blueprint

Aleyda SolisThe Technical Marketer Toolbox

Mark ThomasGoogle are pushing HTTPS hard. Why? And, when should you act?

Pete CampbellFrom SERPs to Markup: How to Increase Your Earned Traffic

Jackson RawlingsTapping into local culture for marketing campaigns

Gerald MurphySERPs: From keyword to click

Razvan GavrilasDominating Organic Search using Cutting-Edge SEO Analysis

Hannah ThorpeIdeation to Impact: How to Create and Sell a Digital Marketing Asset

Emma AndrewsTrading channel and departmental data for campaign success

Charlie WilliamsUnderstanding your audience; Agile thinking & our content

Chelsea Blacker12 Actionable Tips To Become The Content Authority In Your Niche

Tanya KorobkaHow to master digital PR

Steve Linney Why the digital skills gap is good for you

Emily HillMining Google Analytics for Content Ideas

Emily MaceThe Good, The Bad and The Ugly of International SEO

Pippa MoyleMerging Your Business Into The 24 Hour News Cycle

Tara WestCustom Audiences: The Crown Jewel of Facebook Advertising

Alex MossTools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency

Chris GreenCannibal Content – Stop Your Website From Eating Itself

David WhatleyA physical address is a strategic asset in search! How to leverage an address in search

Tomas VaituleviciusLarge Site SEO Architecture

Gianpaolo LorussoIs your AdWords account really optimized?

Simon PensonTop SEO Tips For Bloggers

Yauhen KhutarniukRunning SEO on shoestring budget

Beverley BrownThe source of global content quality

Ann StanleyBenefits of using Marketing Automation Software as part of your SEO and content marketing strategy

Prabhat ShahOptimising Products for Amazon Search

We missed you this year, but a new year is just around the corner! Brighton SEO is held two times each year and each conference seems to get better than the last! With that said, it truly is hard to imagine topping September 2015 Brighton SEO as it was a day to go down in history. Kerboo looks forward to welcoming you in the spring so watch your dates, mark your calendar and we’ll see you next time ‘round.

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