BrightonSEO Interview: The Best of the Best SEO Speakers’ Line-up

After we launched our article, “BrightonSEO Speakers – All Star Interviews” we were still receiving answers from speakers. That’s why we decided to make a second post in this series. We were simply forced to run it because we couldn’t hide this quality content from our readers!
Welcome to Part Two of our BrightonSEO’s insights with extremely fresh ideas and tips to inspire your marketing strategies. Be careful, It’s super hot!

BrightonSEO all stars (2)

We are glad to introduce our BrightonSEO experts:

Paddy Moogan, Co-founder of Aira
Emily Mace, Head of SEO at Oban Digital
Jes Stiles, Head of Online Marketing International at Ringier
Pete Campbell, Managing Director at Kaizen
Beverley Brown, Global Content Strategist at FiftyWords
Kevin Raposo, PR Minion and Tech Blogger at EZPR
Emma Andrews, Strategy Director at Crafted
Prabhat Shah, Project Manager at Online Seller Wales
Tanya Korobka, Media Relations Manager at Caliber Interactive
Cosmin Negrescu, CEO & Founder of SEOmonitor
Razvan Gavrilas, Founder & Chief Architect at CognitiveSEO
Laura Crimmons, Social and PR Manager at Branded3
Sam Orams, Founding Partner & Head of Creative at Bespoke Banter
Mindy Gofton, Head of Digital Strategies at I-com

Why did you decided to deliver a speech at BrightonSEO?

Paddy Moogan: Whenever I’ve been to BrightonSEO in the past, I’ve always been impressed with how well organised it is given the huge number of people that attend. Kelvin and his team do a great job and it’s always been one of my favourite conferences, so having the chance to speak at it was one I couldn’t say no to. It’s also a big but diverse audience with people attending from a range of backgrounds.

Emily Mace: Oban delivers the international SEO training at Brighton SEO and discussed with Kelvin sharing some of our knowledge with the wider BrighrtonSEO audience. We’d love for people to have a bigger understanding of what works for international SEO and show them some of the effects of not getting this right.

Jes Stiles: It’s not so much for me why to speak but why not? I have attended many MozCon’s and SearchLove’s and always appreciate the willingness of the speakers to share their knowledge. Now I find myself at a point where I have some insights of my own from just over year of testing and want to share back to the community.

Pete Campbell: I’ve attended every BrightonSEO since 2011 and it remains simply the very best conference in the industry if you want, advanced, tactical SEO advice.
Since starting up my own business last year, Kaizen, it was a personal goal of mine to speak at BrightonSEO, which I did for the first time last year – and it’s great to be doing it again.

Beverley Brown: I have a keen interest in international SEO and, being based in the UK, have attended several previous BrightonSEO events. I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite conferences!

Kevin Raposo: Why wouldn’t anyone wan’t to deliver a speech at BrightonSEO?! Seriously though, I figured it would be a great place broaden my reach and hopefully make new connections while meeting some amazingly talented professionals.

Emma Andrews: My colleagues and I have attended the event on a number of occasions and every one of us has always left with at least one really good, actionable idea, suggestion of technique.
The real world examples and case studies of the implementation of the latest techniques are invaluable.
I wanted to introduce a broader subject matter that linked SEOs to the wider agency or brand marketing teams, engaging the diverse audience who attend BrightonSEO.

Prabhat Shah: I have been following BrightonSEO for sometime as a exciting even to attend and I was put forward by Steve, SEO Expert based near Cardiff and a very good friend of mine for few years. I went for it because I knew it was a popular event to participate and build some relation in the UK digital marketing world. This is also and opportunity for me to open up new world in digital marketing.

Tanya Korobka: I enjoy sharing my experience about not-yet-established Digital PR by giving people first hand, real life tips and advice they can’t read in books. Speaking at a conference is also a good opportunity to meet new friends and like-minded people.

Cosmin Negrescu: This year I attended all the major SEO events in the UK, and BrightonSEO was one of the best, so I am honored to be a speaker at the next edition.

Razvan Gavrilas: Being such a crowded event, I think lots of people will be interested in the information that I will present in my speech.

Laura Crimmons: I’ve actually been delivering this training for the last few years now at BrightonSEO and the main reason I like delivering it is because I enjoy helping other get better at what they’re trying to do. If I can help people to deliver better, quality, natural links and show that it is possible to do so without being spammy or paying or breaking any of Google’s (or the ASA’s) guidelines then I definitely want to do that!

Sam Orams: I’ll be talking about all aspects of video marketing from basic production techniques right through to creative and campaign strategy. At Bespoke Banter we help a diverse range of global brands to produce and deliver video content, so I’ve got lot’s to share.

Mindy Gofton: I really enjoyed speaking at the Content Marketing Show last November, so when Kelvin asked me I jumped at the chance. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get to go to the conference and see all the other presentations and hear about all the cool things other digital marketers are doing.

What will your speech be about?

Paddy Moogan: I’m going to focus on content strategy and talk about a process for reverse engineering successful content in your industry. We do this a lot at Aira to try and inform the strategies and ideas that we put forward to our clients, so I’ll be sharing some of the stuff we do on this front.

Emily Mace: The Talk is the Good the Bad and the Ugly of International SEO. We’ll look at some superstars of international SEO and show up some of the howlers which have made other brands NOT perform well when marketing to overseas markets.

Jes Stiles: 3 of the most common questions I hear in regards to social media is how to grow Facebook likes, what are the best types of posts to beat the EdgeRank algorithm to get exposure and how often should you post per day. That’s what I want to provide some insights on from experience optimising 19 websites Ringier across 9 different countries.

Pete Campbell: I’ll be talking about how to leverage your existing content to earn additional traffic. For example, using markup such as JSON-LD or pinging the Chrome Notification API every time you update your blog.
With Google, Facebook and Twitter continuing to reduce organic visibility for brands and presenting content ‘within’ their applications e.g. Google Now, Facebook Instant Articles, it’s something every marketer needs to be conscious of and look to address

Beverley Brown: I’ll be talking about content quality. If you have great source content it makes a huge difference to its perception as it is rolled out globally. I’ll also touch on how we look at qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Kevin Raposo: My speech will be about how a traditional link builder morphed into a PR machine. I’ll cover how a guy who knew absolutely nothing about SEO was able to garnish results by simply being a human being.

Emma Andrews: It’s about how different teams (both in marketing agencies and within client-side marketing teams) can trade channel and departmental data to achieve campaign success .
It will take the audience through the ways that inter-departmental collaboration is key to online marketing success, exploring how SEO data can be used to inform more effective channel strategy and discuss what SEOs can learn from the insights provided by other business units.

Prabhat Shah: I am covering “Optimising Products for Search on Amazon” which is very easy to follow. Amazon has its own algorithm for search results and this talk will help finding certain factors that will help products to be found on Amazon Search results.

Tanya Korobka: It’s about Digital PR dos and don’ts, short-cuts and hacks for success, bad pitches vs. good pitches, the psychology of persuasion, etc. – all from my own experience.

Cosmin Negrescu: I’m going to talk about what SEOs can learn from entrepreneurship, both worlds being characterized by extreme uncertainty.

Razvan Gavrilas: It will be about deep market analysis, how people tend to avoid it, and why it is so important.

Laura Crimmons: The training is about how to deliver natural links that will help to boost a client’s SEO visibility. In the training I go through case studies, tools, resources, proven techniques to help people feel confident that they can put it all into practice by the end of the session.

Sam Orams: Kelvin and I have been chatting for a while about doing a session dedicated purely to video marketing. Video content is taking off in a big way and so it felt like high time to push ahead.

Mindy Gofton: I am talking about how the way in which we present our ideas and explain our work to clients impacts the buy-in we get for the work we do. I’m aiming to explain how to improve the way SEO consultants communicate in order to get customers excited about what we can do to grow their revenue.

What will the key takeaways for the audience be after your presentation?

Paddy Moogan: I think there will be a few things:

  • They will have a step by step process for finding successful content in any industry
  • They will know how to use this information to inform their content strategy

Emily Mace: Hopefully people will come away with a better idea of what to look for when they are doing international SEO and know what pitfalls to avoid when talking to people from other countries!

Jes Stiles: ow to grow a Facebook page like base without paying for it. Insights on how to setup a social media calendar’s frequency and content. Ideas of what to test on social media and how to track the resulting KPIs.

Pete Campbell: 

  • Training on how to use JSON-LD markup
  • Useful tools that tag up your content for publication elsewhere
  • Insight on how platforms are displaying content within apps, killing off websites

Beverley Brown: The importance of getting the source right and the impact of quality content on the customer experience in local and international markets.

Kevin Raposo: It’s pretty simple really: be genuine.

Emma Andrews: Specific and practical examples that can be immediately applied back at the office.
I also hope that it will get people thinking in a different way about the wider concept of digital rather than in siloes and departments.

Prabhat Shah: 

  • The best way to optimise product title, bullet points, and product description.
  • Understand the best use of keywords in search terms
  • Find out how Sponsored Product Ads can enhance visibility

Tanya Korobka: 

  • Storytelling is overrated. Have a point and be brief but bold.
  • Utilize your friends outside of work. Everyone has at least two journalist friends on Facebook. You’ve already built relationships with them.
  • And more. (I haven’t prepared the presentation yet, so it will probably evolve.)

Cosmin Negrescu: The audience will learn how to better pitch an SEO campaign, by evaluating the opportunity of the website, to create a smart, clear strategy and make a realistic forecast for their SEO campaign. This approach will not only radically increase their chances to convince budget owners to invest in their campaigns, but also the chances to reach their targets by using fast and continuously validated learning.

Razvan Gavrilas: I discuss:

  • How to perform market analysis like a pro
  • How to stay ahead of your competition

Laura Crimmons: They key deliverables will be the ability to know how to develop quality link campaigns and also how to educate clients/bosses on why some tactics are outdated and why collaboration between teams and disciplines is vital.

Sam Orams: I intend to fill my session with lots of practical takeaway, so anyone who attends can expect to go home feeling inspired and empowered with a host of new ideas and solutions to any challenges they may be facing.

Mindy Gofton: It’s simple really – if people go away with a better vocabulary for communicating with clients and a better understanding of the narrative they should use then I’ll have done my job.

If you've attended BrightonSEO before, what are some of your best memories or experiences at the event or after?

Paddy Moogan: My best memories are always of the people I meet and the old friends that I get to catchup with. The talks are always good but for me, it’s more about the networking / meeting people side of things.

Emily Mace: I’ve been going to BrightonSEO almost from the start and there have been some great speakers and also social events after the event. It’s always great catching up with people who do the same thing as us and sharing our experience with them.

Jes Stiles: I haven’t attended BrightonSEO before. But looking forward to making some good memories.

Pete Campbell: Infrequently, Kelvin will host a ‘Fireside’ chat with a panel of SEO-related people. In particular, I remember when Pierres Farr (Webmaster Trends Analyst) took part in one of these, and the huge volume of questions from the audience didn’t phase him at all – everything from specifics on how Penguin works, and literally just plain angry comments from SEO. It was very tense, but super insightful talk.

In terms of after the event, let’s just say beer and BrightonSEO go hand in hand – which always results in a good laugh.

Beverley Brown: It’s a lively event with great energy and ideas. It’s great to meet up with people from different companies and learn more about the broader SEO discipline.

Kevin Raposo: This will be my first BrightonSEO, but from what I hear, the parties are pretty rager.

Emma Andrews: I always leave the event with new ideas and ways of thinking. I value the peer to peer networking and benefit from speaking to the rich mix of people who attend .

Prabhat Shah: I have not attended before but I have heard all good about it. It is exciting to be in an event with so much information. I’m looking forward to it !

Tanya Korobka:  BrightonSEO brings together some of the best digital speakers, who are up-to-date and charismatic in their delivery. It’s always a pleasure to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It’s without a doubt the best SEO conference in the UK. An then, there’s the after-party ….

Razvan Gavrilas: I haven’t attended before. This will be my first time!

Cosmin Negrescu: I believe the networking sessions are sometimes more important than the actual keynotes and from this perspective Kelvin and his crew did a brilliant job. They managed to bring together so many key people from this industry and the energy there was absolutely incredible.

Laura Crimmons: As I said I’ve been lucky enough to attend for a number of years now so I have a lot of memories such as a brilliant karaoke night earlier this year which will almost certainly be repeated in September (everyone’s welcome ;)). I think all of my best memories though revolve around meeting great like-minded people there – it really is the best conference for making new friends and contacts within the industry. Also its so well run and put together by Kelvin and the team that it feels so organised and easy to navigate unlike some with multiple tracks where you can’t work out where you should be, so massive kudos to them!

Sam Orams: I’m a born and bred Brightoner, so anything with “Brighton” in the title gets my vote. On top of that they held a Rodeo competition at the after party a couple of conferences back… What more could you hope for?

Mindy Gofton: This will be my first time and I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve only heard good things!

The team at Kerboo will exhibiting on the expo floor at BrightonSEO so remember to stop by and say Hello, alternatively if you want to get a headstart on the conversation – Book a Demo or get in touch

See you there!

Alexandra and the Kerboo Team

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