20+ Pubcon Las Vegas Speakers Have Revealed Their Secrets

Kerboo’s crew is ready to take off for one of the largest and most exciting digital marketing events in the US: Pubcon Las Vegas. Meanwhile, since everyone is tremendously excited about this fast-approaching event, we decided to contact the Pubcon speakers and ask them a few questions:

  1. Why did you choose to submit a speech at Pubcon Las Vegas?
  2. What are the 3 key deliverables following your speech?
  3. What other upcoming events do you have on your list?

Take a look at the 20+ speakers who revealed their secrets regarding future sessions!

pubcon speakers las vegas

  1. Pubcon is one of the better known conferences in the SEO industry, where many go to learn something new, and to network and meet people whom they may have only met online before. I’ve spoken at Pubcon in the past, and enjoyed presenting there, so I decided to send a pitch in to speak this year. I’m not only looking forward to giving a presentation, but also to going to presentations and learning from others. I am also looking forward to the Pubcon Speakers’ Enclave, where speakers from the conference gather to talk about issues in the industry – the discussion last year was
    interesting and a lot of fun, and I think it will be again this year. My company, Go Fish Digital has been shortlisted as a contender for the US Search Awards, and the campaign we’ve been nominated for involves an SEO campaign which made a significant amount of difference to traffic to our client’s web site, so I wanted to make sure I was there for those awards.
  2. Three key deliverables from my speech:
    • Search is undergoing a metamorphosis from an indexing of URLs and a displaying of links to pages in search results, to a crawling and indexing of objects and displaying of richer search results filled with facts and answers and rich snippets.
    • While Google started showing Direct Answers in Search Results, this move to indexing facts on the Web happened in part because of competition from sources like Microsoft which was showing indexing of objects in Libra Academic Search and MSN Product Search in 2007.
    • There are many types of direct answers in search results, as well as some types of results that are a combination of indexing of data and URLs, like rich snippets (involving vocabulary) and structured snippets (indexing of URLs and Table Data).
  3. I don’t have any particular speaking engagements lined up for the rest of this year, but may work to have a Lotico San Diego Semantic Web meetup scheduled later in the year (I am a co-organizer of a local meetup group).
  1. Speaking at PubCon is an honor. I’ve been to 9 or 10 PubCon conferences– maybe more. It was how I learned years ago and I’m happy to contribute back. It was Webmaster World before, the original forum for SEO folks. So I’m happy to continue the tradition by showing how social ties in with search and other channels.
  2. I’m teaching the social advertising master class with Larry Kim, in addition to several other sessions.

    Here are the main takeaways:

    • If you’re smart in social, you need to have sequences. Build checklist processes for others to follow, like I describe here.
    • Also, get your audience management in order. If you’re not using Google Tag Manager on your website, you’re missing a critical, free tool, as important as Google Analytics, which it’s integrated with.
    • Get the checklist
  3. There are a lot. Best way to see the schedule is to follow us on Facebook
  1. I Always try to get to Pubcon. Who wouldn’t? For over 10 years I have been going and it is still awesome.
  2. I have a whole hour on Authority linking, so I can really get behind some of the superficial “research” on the subject.

    The three takeaways will include:

    • Proper university based research tells quite a different story about “Authority” than the traditional stories in the SEO world.
    • You are better off trying to court the entity behind a page than trying to get a link on a strong page.
    • Authority is NOT the same as Popularity.
  3. I am coming straight from SMX NY and my next events are SMX Israel and Dallas Digital Summit, both within a few weeks.

  4. Britney Muller

    Founder of Pryde Marketing

    1. I’m passionate about data science! If you aren’t leveraging demographic data strategically to increase sales, you’re behind. Really wanted to talk about the cutting edge data science Pryde is using for the medical industry and inspire better UX across the board!
    2. My three key deliverables are:
      • Boil your current analytic data to one KPI that you can measure over time.
      • Get to know your current customer / qualified leads intent. Marry these personas (“They aren’t a one night stand,” Mike King) and get to know what really makes them tick.
      • Utilize big data and regular expressions to continue understanding these qualified leads. -When ready, execute dynamic targeting to reach each individual persona and their intent.
    3. Distilled & CTA Conference (UnBounce Is The BEST!)

    4. Ash Nallawalla

      SEO at Suncorp Group

      1. I was invited to do so, as in the past eight years. This year I was most excited because I have something new to talk about.
      2. Three key deliverables following my speech are:
        • Keyword research is never boring, as there are new techniques to learn.
        • Don’t be scared of mathematical formulas such as TF-IDF. Just load them into Excel and just let it do its thing.
        • I will share a new tool (in beta) I have built that shaves many hours from a competitive keyword analysis using Excel.
      3. None, other than Pubcon. I don’t make money if I travel to a conference as I am usually fully booked by large corporations. Being based in Australia, I am not looking to get customers in North America (but won’t say “No” if approached.)

    5. Joe Youngblood

      Founder of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

      1. This will be my 3rd or 4th year speaking at Pubcon Las Vegas, I love attending the conference and spending time with colleagues from around the world as well as listening to all the issues business are experiencing and I’m honored when I’m selected to speak for a few minutes.
      2. I’m keeping all of that secret until my talk, sorry!
      3. State of Search in Dallas is going to be awesome!

    6. Jabez Lebret

      Chief Innovation Officer at GNGF

      1. Pubcon always attracts the best speakers and that is one of the reason I love presenting at this conference. Sometimes I find having a conversation with other speakers outside the sessions is where you find that one nugget of information you are searching for. I also love the audience. As one of mastery speakers I’m fortunate enough to spend an entire day with some of the best and brightest as companies ranging from small shops to fortune 50 corporations.
      2. Pubcon always attracts the best speakers and that is one of the reason I love presenting at this conference. Sometimes I find having a conversation with other speakers outside the sessions is where you find that one nugget of information you are searching for. I also love the audience. As one of mastery speakers I’m fortunate enough to spend an entire day with some of the best and brightest as companies ranging from small shops to fortune 50 corporations.
      3. I’ll have in my list SMX Advanced, DreamForce 2016 and Inbound

    7. John Paul Sherman

      Search & Findability Manager at Red Hat

      1. I chose to submit a presentation to Pubcon because it’s not just about SEO, it’s about so much more than that. Pubcon is a conference that attracts experts in so many different fields. It’s a place where someone who’s an SEO can get inspired about new techniques or perspectives in analytics, content, technology and strategy. Pubcon provides a very holistic approach to the people it chooses to speak and that attracts curious and bright people who want to go to a conference to really maximize their time and future efforts.
      2. My presentation is about optimizing internal search. It’s something we all do, it’s something that truly engaged customers do and it’s something that all too often is left as “plug and play”. The three things I’d want people to understand as they listen to my presentation are: 1 people spend a reminisce amount of time deciding which link to click, it’s our job to present a clear perception of value to your visitors, 2 build metrics around internal search so you can understand your audience, 3 create a measured model of search behaviors so that you can measure the failure intensity around these behaviors.
      3. I don’t have any future events that are set in stone, but I’m trying to be smart and charming to get myself some more speaking engagements.

    8. Kyler Patterson

      Marketing Coordinator at HostGator

      1. Honestly, I chose Pubcon just to see if they’d accept me. I’ve done smaller engagements and I wanted to test my abilities on a larger platform. With a little bit of luck, they accepted me.
      2. Without giving away too much, I’m going to ask everyone in my audience to do a little homework when it comes to Facebook ads. The first being to set your retargeting and conversion pixels. Retargeting is simply amazing, and if you don’t have a conversion pixel, you’re just throwing money to the wind. (You’d think people would know that right?)
      3. Currently there are no other events on my list. I hope that changes in 2016.

    9. Simon Hesetline

      Senior Director – Audience Development at AOL Inc.

      1. This is my 5th Pubcon event, and my only regret about the show is that I didn’t pitch years earlier. The Pubcon team does a really great job pulling this show together, not only do you have 8-9 tracks full of content with fantastic speakers each day, but there are lots of official networking opportunities, as well as plenty of unofficial ones. It’s a great place to network with peers, tool vendors, speakers, search engine reps, and friends (who may also be in several of the other categories), and build lasting relationships. So I honestly look forward to Pubcon.
      2. So I’m doing a tandem presentation with Tony Wright. My part is “How to Trash your Brand”, where I’ll go over the many ways that companies, and employees have done absolutely dumb stuff that’s impacted them both online and offline. Tony’s going to wrap that up with “How to Untrash your Brand”, talking about the measurement, proactive responses, and reactive response parts.
        The main deliverables from my part would be:

        • Don’t do dumb stuff, either offline or online. If that little voice in your head is yelling at you… listen to it.
        • Despite what my first point says… dumb stuff is going to happen, be prepared. How and when you react can turn a minor issue into a disaster… and vice versa.
        • Understand that your social accounts represent your brand, don’t just throw an intern at them; train them, explain the brand voice, have some policies and procedures in place.
      3. The year is winding down, so after Pubcon I’m a track chair for ClickZLive in Chicago in November, then nothing until the SEMPO Member Forum March 9-10 in San Diego… so far.

    10. Martin MacDonald

      Head of SEO at Orbitz Worldwide

      1. Quite simply, I’ve been phenomenally lucky to speak at pretty much every major conference in SEO worldwide, but up until this year PubCon has been a glaring omission in my conference calendar! It’s probably the most exciting “new” conference Ive been lucky enough to be invited to speak at in years!
      2. My talk is all about how to build incredible narrative based content on any budget, and how you can use the same tools as we do to build destination content for your website. I’m hoping that Ill be able to inspire at least some of the audience to go out and think about content in a new light, and start building assets that serve them not only today, but long into the future.
      3. Following PubCon Im flying straight back to San Francisco to present at the ThinkContent Tour event put on by NewsCred, after that there’s nothing planned until the conference season kicks off again in March 2016.

    11. Murray Newlands

      Founder of Due

      1. I love going to Pubcon and meeting all the great people there. I wanted to give something back to the community.
      2. When thinking about getting PR firstly focus on the problem you are trying to solve for others not your product. Secondly communicate through stories. Thirdly build deep long term relationships with the press whom audience have the problem that your product resolves.
      3. In October I will be at Launch and Corporate Venturing Summit San Francisco 2015 in San Francisco, Izeafest in Orlando and Money 20 20 in Las Vegas.

    12. Tony Wright

      CEO/Founder at WrightIMC

      1. I’ve been coming to Pubcon in Vegas for so many years, I can’t imagine missing it. It’s almost like I’m going to a big reunion every year. I hope I don’t ever have to miss it.
      2. My three key deliverables are:
        • How to protect your brand from a crisis before it begins;
        • How to assess the impact of a crisis, and
        • What to do if you are in a crisis.
      3. The Dallas State of Search conference in November is a can’t miss show. Also, Affiliate Summit West in the spring will be amazing.

    13. Mary Bowling

      SEO Consultant at Ignitor Digital

      1. Pubcon was the first internet marketing conference I ever attended. I still think its one of the best and am honored to be chosen to present at it.
      2. My three key messages are:
        • Links now have a greater impact on local search rankings than they ever had in the past;
        • Don’t be afraid to get links, but do be cautious that you are getting ones that will help rather than harm you;
        • If you do the right things to market your business offline, google can now reward you online for those efforts;
      3. Here’s what I have in my list:
        • LocalU SMB Dallas Oct 2015
        • MozCon Local 2016 Seattle Feb 2016
        • LocalU Advanced Workshop Seattle Feb 2016
        • LocalU Advanced Williamsburg Mar 2016
        • Several private brand events

    14. Michelle Held

      CEO at MetroNY, LLC

      1. I chose to submit a speech because I enjoy meeting others and learning at conferences. I’m fascinated by data and human behavavior. Even though many of is want to think we are different or behave out of the norm, we do follow some predictable patterns. Speaking at a show is a different experience than just attending. I meet more people than I do when just attending. I also enjoy sharing experience.
      2. Here’s my three key messages:
        • Making people aware that they can improve their targeting and save money;
        • Help Facebook users see innovative way they can expand their follower/customer base;
        • I have a list of actions Facebook users can take home and change their strategy right away.

    15. Katy Katz

      Content Director at Inturact

      1. This is my second year presenting at Pubcon. I had an incredible time last year and can’t imagine missing it now. Pubcon is special because it is a very large conference, but there are plenty of opportunities to make it feel intimate. Many of our industry’s greatest minds attend and make themselves available for one-to-one conversations. Last year I came away so inspired and I know it will be the same again this year.
      2. My speech is about learning from the tactics of the great storytellers of the past (AKA hacking art history) and applying those techniques to modern content marketing.
        The most important things that I hope people will remember to make content that stands out are:

        • Be personal;
        • Use some basic psychology trick;
        • Take risks.
      3. State of Search, SearchLove, MnSummit, SXSW, HustleCon, SaaStr – so many great events, so little time!

    16. Erin Sagin

      Customer Success Manager at WordStream

      1. I love speaking at PubCon events! The team always puts together a great group of presenters, there’s a super diverse audience and they throw great networking events. It’s the perfect combination of work and fun.
      2. This year I’ll be focusing on tips to dominate mobile PPC. We’re seeing a high volume of mobile search traffic, but so few advertisers have actually “cracked the code” and figured out how to achieve high conversion rates. I’ll teach attendees how to identify and prioritize high purchase intent keywords, encourage user interaction from directly within the SERP and revamp their mobile landing pages.
      3. This is my last event this season and I’m just starting to prep my pitches for the next round of events.

    17. Kelsey Jones

      Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal

      1. I spoke last year and really enjoyed the entire experience, from collaborating with my fellow speakers to the conference as a whole.
      2. That connecting further with your podcast’s guests and audience can help you: reach more people, develop further genuine bonds with your guests and their network, and to explain the myriad of ways you can work with your audience.
      3. I just finished going to 4 of the 7 SEJ Summits this year, please going to South by Southwest Interactive and a few other events, so I am tired. 🙂 I’m going to take an “event hiatus” until the next SEJ Summit in 2016 (TBD) or SXSWi again. That’s my favourite conference, it will be my 4th time!

    18. Doug Platts

      VP, Digital Media & Search Strategy at iCrossing

      1. Pubcon is one of the major search and content marketing conferences in the US market. This brings the top industry leaders to talk about current trends, actionable strategies for both SMB and Enterprise companies and discuss future innovations within the industry. iCrossing has been a leader within SEO and Content Marketing for many years, and we work with many global brands, and so I saw this as an opportunity to share our current best practices to deliver growth at scale.
      2. The three deliverables or takeaways following my speech for global brands are:
        • Leverage scalable tools such as international search engine webmaster tools and specialist SEO tools, to support site governance and avoid search engine penalty risks.
        • Start with the basics of geo-targeting your content and build from there. With the right structure you can avoid unnecessary site cannibalization and improve both traffic and conversion rates.
        • Make SEO input into global site redesigns and content migration a priority. These projects are big initiatives that can either future-proof you site for SEO or cause significant drops in both search engine relevancy and traffic.
      3. As well as Pubcon, the main conferences on my radar are SMX Advanced, SearchLove and MozCon. Also non-SEO traditional conferences such as Content Marketing World and ICC Content Marketing and key analytics conferences are important. Typically more advanced SEOs are presenting at the major conferences, leading the conversations, and so by attending non-SEO conferences allows for broader perspective on search and digital trends.

    19. Geoffrey Colon

      Group Product Marketing Manager Microsoft

      1. Pubcon has a rich history amongst the SEO community. But SEO is evolving and there is a need to involve other disciplines in the discussion in order for marketers to best adapt.
      2. People should think about distribution when creating content, people should think about the fact groups, not individuals make business decisions, people need to take culture and context I to consideration when creating content.
      3. I’m speaking at Internet Summit in Raleigh and digitalNow in Orlando, Florida along with several Digital Summit events in Dallas, Denver and Washington DC.

    20. Geno Prussakov

      Founder & CEO at AM Navigator LLC , Founder and Chair of Affiliate Management Days

      1. PubCon is a world-class show that is a must-attend for anyone who is serious about digital marketing. It so happened, however, that to date, I presented at only one PubCon – the Austin conference in March of 2011. Since then I have spoken at forty-two shows around the globe, but not one PubCon. Excited to be able to return this year!
      2. My session will aim at uncovering successful ways for advertisers/merchants to employ affiliate marketing, giving the attendees practical ideas on how to improve their own affiliate marketing programs, and inspiring the audience by Amazon’s and’s stories.
      3. In January I am going to be back in Vegas — to speak at Affiliate Summit West 2016. This will be my fourteenth time presenting at that show. And then in early April I am holding my Affiliate Management Days conference in San Francisco (eighth one already).

    21. Stoney deGeyter

      President of Pole Position Marketing

      1. Pubcon is one of the premier conferences. I’ve consistently spoken at Pubcon events, including Las Vagas, Hawaii, New Orleans, Dallas and Florida for the past 10 years. It offers some of the speakers and information of any conference out there.
      2. These are the main takeaways to what I’ll be talking about:
        • Everyone is a publisher but that doesn’t mean publishing content is easy;
        • Previous content you have generated offers a goldmine of information that you can use to turn into content for another audience;
        • Save time by taking existing content and formatting into a different delivery mechanism to meet audience consumption preferences.
      3. Just got back from SMX East. I don’t have anything immediately lined up.

    22. Lisa Raehsler

      Founder, SEM Strategist at Big Click Co

      1. The Pubcon event is the best in the industry for a variety of top quality digital marketing topics and networking events. I want to contribute to the PPC and paid media sessions by sharing information on these topics. I look forward to attending the sessions myself because the speakers are very knowledgeable and offer great tips on latest trends. Attendees are always engaged and collaborative as part of the interactive community.
      2. I will be presenting a case study so the key takeaway will be how to design a PPC program that follows the sales funnel with sequential remarketing.

    23. Warren Whitlock

      Growth Hacker at Carbon Digits

      1. Habit. I speak at Pubcon every year. Always the best networking for me.
      2. Here’s my three key ideas:
        • Start listening.
        • Stop engineering.
        • Tell stories.
      3. My next conferences will be TED @IBM, Launch Growth and IBM Insights.

  • Nikki Fica

    CEO and Founder of Social Media Facelift, LLC

    1. I spoke at SMX Social Media last year in Vegas and loved the atmosphere. It’s a close location and Pubcon is a well-known
    2. Three key deliverables following my speech on finding your niche in social media would be to understand who your demographic is and find your audience: What do they want to hear? What do they want to learn? What are they talking about? Where are they talking? Don’t be afraid to A/B test on each platform to learn where your audience is. Listen to your audience and engage. Engagement is key in social media, building relationships, and gaining consumers.
    3. Nothing yet, however I hope to change that soon. My focus for 2016 is to book more speaking engagements.

  • Courtney Herda
    CEO at Smarter Searchers
    1. Well, for starters, PubCon is one of the most talked-about and largest digital conferences and I really wanted to be a part of that experience. In addition, I like speaking, being a thought-leader, and focusing on the educational side of the digital industry; this conference is the perfect culmination of opportunities for all of those things. It’s also always nice to be able to get out of the office and interact with other people in the industry.
    2. The main points I hope people can take away from my speech are (titled “Analytics is Like Sex in High School”):
      • the importance of goal setting in analytics (and how this part is essentially non-negotiable) – the foreplay, if you will
        recommendations on filters and reports that can help make the process easier – the act;
      • how to set up a process for reading, editing, and expanding your goals in analytics (and driving home the point that it is less of a one time thing and more of a habit) – post coitus;
      • It’s all pretty tongue-in-cheek because I really want to make sure everyone’s paying attention!
    3. We actually just celebrated our third birthday, so that is pretty exciting. We are also currently undergoing some rebranding/website redesign that involves making our look, feel, and voice online a little more sleek and modern (and it just relaunched last night), in addition to adding expanding our team and our services. We also just launched a new series of video blogs on our YouTube channel that break down the basics of Digital Marketing, and are all under two minutes. We have several weeks of these planned – to give the basics and insights on different pieces of digital – in small, digestible, comprehensible pieces – no jargon necessary.

    4. Cynthia Johnson
      Director of Marketing and Social Media at RankLab
      1. I spoke at Pubcon Las Vegas last year and attended Pubcon New Orleans in 2013. There is no better digital marketing conference for networking and learning.
      2. My three key messages are:
        • The power struggle for mobile domination is between Facebook and Google, no one else.
        • 85% of time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps.
        • Dark social is real, and impacted your analytics.
      3. I am hosting a MarketingProf webinar, and speaking at a couple other marketing events in early next year. Since Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 I have had the pleasure of speaking at 25 other events and now I am ready for Christmas.

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