Should you Buy that Domain? LinkRisk is Here to Help!

Last week Matt Cutts posted a video in which he answered the question:

Can I buy a domain that used to have spam on it and still rank?

The question was posed by Johan Tavard, from Thailand, who said that the site in question had thousands of root domains coming from spam and was on the market for $5,000: to buy or not to buy?!
Spammy Links
Initially responding to the question as a ‘tricky one’, to sum up Cutts concluded that in theory you can reset the SEO of a domain, but implied that it doesn’t come easily.

Firstly, Cutts distinguishes between two types of spam: Manual and Algorithmic.

  • Manual spam has an eventual time out, making it easier to recover from should you clear up the site content and submit a reconsideration request.
  •   Algorithmic spam however is harder to clean up, due the difficulty of manually identifying and creating a list of hundreds or thousands of ‘spammy’ links: This is where LinkRisk comes in!

LinkRisk Is your Ammunition against ‘Spammy’ Links

LinkRisk can locate and identify problematic and suspicious links that are pointing to the domain in question and will further assist you in helping to manage the ‘risk’ of your backlink profile; a service that is essential for any successful SEO strategy in the ever-changing online environment.

Our algorithm takes into account a number of factors – both onpage and offpage – that then determines the level of ‘risk’ a link brings to a domain.

Helping you to easily visualise the number of damaging links to a domain, our LinkRisk ‘Litmus Scale’ sorts links into five risk categories:

  •   Low LinkRisk
  • Reduced LinkRisk
  • Neutral LInkRisk
  • Suspect LinkRisk
  • High LinkRisk

With ‘low’ meaning that a potential risk has been detected and should be monitored and ‘high’ meaning that immediate action must be taken to avoid being penalised by one of Google’s many algorithm updates.

How to Recover a ‘Spammy’ Domain with LinkRisk

Problem Solved

Matt Cutts states in the video that it is ‘possible’ to recover a domain that used to have spam on it and to get it ranking. Hinting that in order to submit a successful reconsideration request, you must document the steps you take to clean up the domain, in his own words: “very well”.

LinkRisk is packed with the ammunition you need to thoroughly investigate ‘spammy’ and harmful links to a domain and will give you the relevant information to create a carefully detailed reconsideration request to successfully submit to Google, should you buy the domain.

Have you been considering buying a domain from the secondary market?

With LinkRisk on your side you can answer such a ‘tricky’ question by using our tools to easily determine the overall ‘risk’ of buying that domain: problem solved!

For more information on LinkRisk and how it works, contact us today.

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