New servers added to Audit

We don’t often blog about the technical stuff behind LinkRisk (although that may change soon) but yesterday we brought online two additional servers for your Audit profiles to our shared cluster.

  • Spoka
  • Pello

These join our current servers

  • Lagan
  • Malin*Not actually our server rack but more of a visual representation of what one is!
  • Fisko
  • Strind
  • Kivik
  • Mata
  • Skubb
  • Kalas
  • Gavik

These are our base servers which hold the profile data and links, if we wrote a blog post every time we added and removed crawlers we’d have three or four posts a day! (hint – we have hundreds)

When you create a profile Audit chooses the server to put your profile on using a calculation of

  1. how many profiles are currently running on that server
  2. how often auto imports, rescans and api connections are run on those profiles
  3. the range and average size of profiles on that server

In most cases, creating two profiles in a row will put them on a different server…. what does this mean to you?

Well, it makes your Audit’s run faster (although the fastest way to run profiles is to take out a package with dedicated hardware)

In most cases you shouldn’t notice which server your on, you should be in Audit but I know that some of our users have seen the names and had a chuckle at our naming scheme.

This summer is going to be very busy for the LinkRisk team – new products, new team members, new conferences so keep subscribed to the RSS and Twitter


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