Weekly Update: Latest updates, Northern Digital Awards, Link Guide, & Top Tips

Northern Digital Awards

We had a great time at last night’s Northern Digital Awards especially as we were  nominated for Best Digital Tool/Software! Congratulations to all those nominated and winners!

Recent Updates

It’s been a busy start for us this year with a number of updates to the suite!

LinkRisk Dance “Badams” 
Earlier this month we launched our first major update to the LinkRisk algorithm of 2017. Named after prominent SEO Barry Adams, this update covers a couple of important changes and puts in place some more infrastructure in the backend to allow us to make faster and more responsive updates to the scoring of our LinkRisk metric.

Bolt Ons
We’ve launched this update as some customers were just one or two users over the allowance, needed just one more project or just short on Link Monitoring and Backlink Analysis credits on their account and, rather than upgrade a whole package, we’ve created these bolt-ons which allow you to add/remove these additional items to your subscription on an ad-hoc basis, allowing more account flexibility.

Adding multiple Google Search Console accounts to your Kerboo account
One of the most requested features from our agency partners, you can now connect multiple search console accounts to Kerboo. This update also included a design refresh.

Check out all the updates here or check out the since-you-last-logged-in feature 

Keep track of all the latest updates with your new Updates notification. When you login and go to Backlink Analysis, you’ll spot a pop up with the latest updates to the suite. If you click on “learn more” it’ll take you to a blog post with more information about the update, and “Mark as read” will clear the messages for you.  On this notification pop up, there’s also an opportunity to schedule one-to-one screen-share with your account manager.


Link Advice Guide

This whitepaper contains around 30 pages of advice and guidance on link building and the impact of Penguin 4 on your link profile and organic visibility.If you have an interest in understanding how to keep your sites safe, protected and moving in the right direction please download this guide today.

Top Tips

    1. Once you’ve finished an exported your investigation findings back into Backlink Analysis, you can then remove links from your Site Investigation list using the advanced search bar, and bulk-action functionality:
    2. Knowledge Base – Actioned v. Unactioned Links
    3.  Find new prospects, quickly and easily:

About Joyce Cowles

Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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