Latest Update: Site Investigation is now part of Backlink Analysis

A big update to your manual site investigation workflow – we’ve now integrated Site Investigation into Backlink Analysis.

This direct integration┬ámeans there is no longer a need to import and export into Site Investigation from Backlink Analysis – increasing this speed and efficiency of the workflow.

This update includes a brand new UI, with filterable graphs and the ability to investigate single domains.



Finally, you’ll also be able to Monitor links directly from the Investigate panel:


Your new Manual Site Investigation Workflow:


  1. In Analysis Mode add links to Site Investigations List (like before).
  2. The go into Investigate Mode
  3. The default tags are already generated for new profiles, but you can change these as you need when you go into Investigate Options. Once you’re happy with the tags, click save. From here you can also export your investigation findings as a CSV, or configure the rules.
  4. Back in Investigation Mode – click Start Investigation, and it will open a new tab for you (like before). As soon as something is investigated and given a tag it will automatically be added to the corresponding list (depending on the rules you’ve outlined previously).
  5. Once you’ve finished your investigation, close the Investigation Tab. You can review your findings, re-set them or export them as a CSV in Investigate Options.
  6. Finally go back into Analysis Mode, use the Advanced Search Filter and search for Links in Investigate List and use the bulk-action functionality to remove all investigated links from the Site Investigation list.

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