LinkRisk private beta – An update for you all


Right then, lets get started with this!

Many thanks for signing up to the LinkRisk private beta, I know some of you will have only signed up because there was cake on the stand but hopefully there are some of you that genuinely want to get using the toolset.

So far we have exceeded our wildest expectations on numbers which is fantastic. As we may have explained on the stand we will be allowing people into the beta as quickly as possible over the coming weeks. This is done for a number of reasons that we hope you can appreciate: –

We need to manage the early testing of the system by real users, up until now we have been using the tools in-house and working within our development ‘bubble’ so we have a real expectation that there will be tweaks and fixes to do when people use it for the first time with fresh eyes.

We have a number of final beta features that we want to push live on the site and test with the initial beta team.

We need to manage the resources, servers and support tasks carefully as nobody would be happy if we let everyone in at once and the server or Dom exploded.

As we get through through these initial stages we want to quickly start to add in as many people as possible so that we can get as much feedback as we can and so we can start to help people ditch days of staring at out of date spreadsheets and start helping you to help your clients with a few clicks.

We hope that makes sense to you all but if you have any questions in the meantime (We can’t bump people up the list though sorry) we would be happy to field those directly as quickly as we can via

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you in the coming weeks, months and years.

Paul, Dom, Gareth and Heather

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Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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