LinkRisk Algorithm Update – LinkRisk Dance ‘Marty’

Today we released the latest update to our LinkRisk Algorithm as part of our #almostsummercelebration. Each time we do this we call the LinkRisk dance after someone in SEO who kind of embodies what the update is about.

This time the update is named after the amazing Marty Weintraub of Aimclear, shown here getting his US Search Personality of the Year award from Dixon Jones in 2013.


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So whats changed?

This update has been in testing for a long time and represents a huge leap in the sensitivity of our scoring to the signals that we see and their context. Our competitors claim to have self teaching algorithms that learn or that you can tweak but here at LinkRisk we strongly believe that the best way to maintain and improve the scoring of risk is to use the combined experience of our team, of our customer partners and to test this through the merciless crucible of data.

And when we thought about experience and using that in combination with data to get the best result it became obvious that we should name this update after Marty.

This latest update allows us to: –

  • Further increase the sensitivity of the scoring towards both Good and Bad links making decisions even easier for you.
  • Increase the ability of the system to understand the context in which Google regards a domains standing (proprietary tech held by LinkRisk internally but known by the algorithm)
  • Addition of further qualification metrics to verify existing data.

Due to the size and complexity of this latest scoring update we are strongly suggesting that users rescan their data and because we know this would cost you credits we will be launching our first ever #internationalfreerescanweek in our next blog post!

Happy LinkRisk’ing people!

Paul & the Team.


Paul Madden

About Paul Madden

Paul looks after sales, marketing and heads up client services for Kerboo Paul is a well known face in UK SEO and has been making a living through his various businesses online for well over a decade. Paul speaks on a regular basis both in the UK, Europe and the USA and is known for his ability to scale businesses and remain on the forefront of where the industry is heading.

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