Introducing the LinkRisk managed auditing service

Hey LinkRiskers

We have been making steady progress over at the LinkRisk office and we are delighted to be able to expand our offering to our subscriber base.

We are now offering a fully managed link auditing and clean up service to help you manage all elements of your link profile auditing and risk management

We see the process consisting of 4 or 5 separate steps –

SEO Link Analysis Chart
  1. Gathering your link data and scanning with LinkRisk
  2. Manually analysing the data to ensure we have no false positives and finding agreement on which links should be removed / disavowed
  3. Once you have signed off on the list of links we will then begin the outreach process to attempt to get the links removed
  4. Any links we cannot remove we will add to a fully annotated disavow document for you to upload to Webmaster Tools
  5. If you have a manual penalty then we will need to submit a reconsideration request to Google and help steer you through this process.

The team at LinkRisk can help you with each of these steps, or on a step-by-step basis – The level of support you need is down to you.

We can also offer you a consultative approach where you may call upon our knowledge to help with specific issues.

There has been a large demand for this service and we have been offering this to our enterprise level client base for the last few months – We now feel confident to roll it out to all subscribers.

Should you wish to take us up on this service, please log into Audit and look for the managed service button within the right hand navigation, send us an email and one of the team will be in touch


About Joyce Cowles

Joyce is an account manager here at Kerboo. Her role is to help our customers get the most from the suite.

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