Introducing Peek to the LinkRisk suite




When we created LinkRisk we created it as a tool for people to understand and clean their link profiles. Over the past 18 months or so Audit has proved to be the best toolset on the market for anyone looking to get on top of and to manage their link profile.

From the outset our ambition far outstripped having one tool in the suite and the whole architecture of the suite has been designed to allow us to grow. We gather and process huge amounts of data on a daily basis and we always planned for and gathered more data than we showed users and more data than Audit needed to do as we knew the value that this data would bring to our users as we developed.

Peek is the start of us showing you more of that immense dataset.

What is Peek?

Peek represents our biggest product release since the original launch when we released Audit. Peek is our index of the web and represents a huge and growing dataset of sites and data that can be mined through in seconds for any possible marketing or PR need.

At LinkRisk we are experts at crawling and gathering data from the web, its a job we do at scale every day with our continuously expanding distributed crawl system. Every time a profile is added to Audit we go and gather lots of data about the sites in that profile and when our servers aren’t busy doing audits the crawlers don’t take a break they carry on crawling the web gathering data and storing it within our central data store.

Peek allows you for the first time to gain access to that data store and to query it in an intelligent way in seconds.


What can it be used for?

There are three starting points for your data gathering journey.




You can start your search with a keyword and expand from there before zoning in on the spec you want to meet.


You can start your search with an email and understand more about that person, their influence and the sites that they are involved with.


You can even start with a particular server and mine through who else is hosted there and what connections those sites may have.

Lets have a look at each of those methods through real life examples of how you can use Peek.

Example 1.

I have a client who makes home furnishings and they want to find potential publishers in the UK who might talk about a new product launch in return for an affiliate commission on the sale.

As you can see in the video the keyword cloud allows you to very quickly scale up to hundreds of thousands of sites in seconds.



Then you can filter this dataset down to a target list in a few clicks. Here are some of the things we let you slice your data up using: –



So you can instantly exclude all sites unless they have the right metrics, the right language, the right domain extension…

You can only include sites that mention the word “fashion blog” in their Meta Title or Description.

You can even say, I only want sites running wordpress please.

The possibilities are literally endless.


Example 2.

Ive been working with someone and I think they might be influential in a niche I work in, I would like to know more about what other sites they have and where they promote them.

If you know their email you can search Peek to see what we know about them, where we can we will link other emails that they use and offer you the ability to see what sites they own or are involved with and mine through those sites to learn more about that person.

 Examples of what you’ll see

Here is the Peek result for our good friend Paul May of BuzzStream.


Here is the Peek record of some chap from a company called Google, some of you may know him…


And here is an example for the extremely influential blogger and experienced SEO Michael Gray


Example 3.

I have a dental client who is looking to target a competitor and see what they can learn about their customers so they can pitch to them to try to win them over to them instead.

So lets start with the imaginary competitors site ( and pop that into Peek.


And we can then simply look for connections like what else is on that IP or C Class (there are loads of dental sites) or simply check key identifiers like the Analytics ID used.


But wait there’s more!

Now if that wasn’t enough value already lets lay out some more reasons why Peek is huge for us and for you.

Its included in the current pricing.

Thats right, we are adding absolutely masses of value for every digital marketer or site owner and not increasing the pricing for access to the suite. If you subscribe to LinkRisk you not only get access to the worlds best link audit and management tool but you get Peek included too*.

* And an ever growing suite of apps that make the monthly subscription a no-brainer for anyone looking to succeed online.

On our most popular Plus package you get a mighty 3600 Peek searches and can see the full information on 1200 sites each month whilst still having 2 Million Audit credits and access to all our other apps.

Peek will soon integrate with BuzzStream, thats huge… The newest and best site prospecting tool fully integrating with the worlds best outreach management tool!

And finally…

You don’t just have to search for sites in Peek, you can access the power of Peek on the fly with our amazing new PeekIt bookmarklet. Cross browser compatible and requiring no technical input to install the PeekIt allows you to simply click whilst browsing to see everything we know about that site and any similar or related sites. Prospecting and qualifying sites on the fly!


Which leads us on to their client list….

Ready to get started?

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