Introducing Monitor to the LinkRisk Suite

Today we introduce the latest product into the LinkRisk family.


Built on the foundation of one of our biggest feature requests, Monitor will check a set of backlinks up to three times a day and notify you of any changes.

You can paste your links directly into monitor or you can import from a list on Audit.



Why would I use this?

Two of the biggest use cases within our testing team have been removals and keeps;

  • With removals links scanning every three hours you can get a constant update on how a removals job is going, which emails are being effective and which need retrying.
  • With Keeps, a lot of our customers have important links from newspapers, prominent bloggers, magazines or just valuable links that they don’t want to lose, by putting them into a Monitor report, you make make sure that they are checked constantly for downtime, nofollow or even accidental removal.

How does it work?

You first create or select profile, one of the changes we’ve made in Monitor is that a profile is universal across all applications, so when you create a profile on Audit that profile is then usable on Investigate, Monitor and any other applications in the suite.

You can paste links directly into the page or import from your Keep or Remove List on Audit, you can select what you’d like to be notified on with changes, we can help you answer these questions;

  • Has the link become active or inactive?
  • Has the anchor text changed?
  • Has the link rel changed?
  • Has the css class of the link changed?
  • Has the css id of the link changed?
  • Has the link to of the link changed?

Once you’ve added your links, our system will do an initial scan to get the first state of each link and from then will email you any changes detected, you’ll also have a complete history of each link;


The best news about Monitor if your a LinkRisk subscriber, it’s free! You already have an allocation within your package of Monthly link scans

  • Starter – 100 Monitor Credits
  • Basic – 300 Monitor Credits
  • Plus – 1000 Monitor Credits
  • Premium – 5000 Monitor Credits
  • Platinum – 10000 Monitor Credits

A Monitor credit is used every time a link is scanned so 10 links scanned three times a day would cost 300 Monitor Credits a month

Launch Date

Monitor is live and launched now! Go check it out at

One final thing.

We are also taking the opportunity to announce the deprecation of Outreach, We’ve been working on an updated version of the application inline with feedback from our customers (to which attendees of BrightonSEO will have already had seen a peek) but there needs to be a transition period between the applications.



About Dom Hodgson

Dom Hodgson is CTO of Kerboo, He heads up the technology team and platform design, he is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days

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