Google announce the SEO friendly way to link

WARNING: Look at the post date, this was an April Fools post… please stop implementing it 🙂

To sort the confusion in the SEO world surrounding link building and link penalties, the world’s leading search engine has today released a new Google approved, guaranteed to get you to the top, fully white hat way of declaring your links as being for SEO.

Introducing rel=”counts-twice”


We all know about rel=”nofollow” to remove SEO benefit, we also know about rel=”noindex” to keep those bots away from your content and we also have rel=”canonical” to eliminate duplicate content – now Google have introduced a new rel tag that is guaranteed to pass the maximum SEO benefit.

Earning good links is hard – so you want to maximise the value of those links and what better way to maximise the value than to get twice the benefit per link placed

Twice the juice per link

That PR3 off topic blog comment – Thats the equivalent of a PR6 now!
You can’t buy those links! Well now you can! with rel=”counts-twice”

The rel=”counts-twice” tag is going to change the way the SEO industry builds links.

Earn a BBC link – yeah thats good – Earn a Guardian link with rel=”counts-twice” and you are shooting for the stars! The SEO benefit of that link is off the scale!

An anonymous Google spokesman has been quoted as saying

The webspam team and I are done. You SEO people building links and confusing our algorithm has defeated us. Today we decided that if we cannot beat you, we will join you.

We started by giving you the disavow tool as we could not figure out why we rank spam and that did not work out as we expected. We hope rel=”counts-twice” will let SEO’s know the Google friendly way of linking.

But please – only use it for links you want to count in your SEO campaigns, after all, your clients at number 1 taking free traffic is all that we care about right!

An anonymous SEO link builder offered her opinion on this shock announcement

Already we have had reports of blog owners charging double for links including rel=”counts-twice” – Afterall, twice the benefit, twice the price so I expect to see the price of a link increasing across the board. But with the guaranteed knowledge that I will get SEO benefit with no risk of a manual penalty – What have we got to lose.

Now excuse me, I am going to contact all the sites I have links on and ask them to add this new rel tag.

SEO is officially NOT dead

As of yet, nobody has tried to have a rel=”counts-twice” rel=”nofollow” link indexed as there are fears the servers at Google may crash but the SEO community can look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Google.

The rel=”counts-twice” HTML5 tag will be added to w3 vocabulary very soon and only time will tell on how this change affects the SERPs now and in the future.

All we know is that this is an exciting time to be working in SEO and this may be a sign of greater transparency from the search giant.

You found it!! Happy April Fools everybody – Hopefully Google will not penalise us if we get some natural links because we created some great content for our community of users and peers – and putting this text white on white!

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