#almostsummercelebration – Announcements List

With less than three days to go till the start of summer, I’m sat on the sofa in a jumper writing this blog post with the heating on BUT we won’t let that stop our celebration.

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It’s almost here! You can almost taste it.

If you’ve missed any of your announcements over the past few weeks, this is the post to catch up to them with.


Week One

#almostsummercelebration Promotion Launch

We launched the most exciting promotion ever to hit the Digital Marketing Management Software as a Service Sector!

New Payments System! 

It’s not everyday you launch a brand new payments system with direct support for Paypal, Credit cards AND Invoicing!

Monitor Credits Doubled

After having a relaunch of our Monitor system it’s time to let you use it a bit more with a free doubling of credits!

Week Two – Audit

New Audit Filters

Two of the most requested Audit filters kicked off the update with the ability to filter by Page Status and Link From

Skipping the Sample Phase

For some of our Power users, adding additional data was slowed down by the Sample phase, this update brought the ability to skip that and get your profile Audited quicker

Disavow at Profile Creation

Another highly requested feature, you can now upload a Disavow file at the point you create your Profile.

LinkRisk Algorithm Update ‘Marty’

One of the things about LinkRisk is our ability to learn from new technology, data and updates, this month saw the release of Marty, the latest in our LinkRisk dances.


We launched #internationalfreerescanweek as part of our #almostsummercelebration at #sascon to an #excited audience.  Another way for us to say thank you to all our customers .

Week Three – Rankings

Multiple Countries

The ability to select multiple countries at profile creation time was a much requested feature so what better way to kick of Rankings Week.

Rankings Visual Refresh

Not just a Visual refresh but; more detailed exports, a faster UI, more data filled graphs, inline search and much more.

Better Audit Integration

You can add keywords direct from Audit straight into Rankings and see the top position reflected back within minutes.

Triple Rankings Credits!

We’ve TRIPLED the rankings credits you get.. how very exciting


Week Four – ???

Who knows what could happen this week


All these features, updates and fun are just our way of saying thank you to our customers old and new, whilst we keep adding features and functionality, the price doesn’t go up and remember there are still 12 days left of June and plenty more announcements to come.


Dom & the team


Photo Credit Ashton



About Dom Hodgson

Dom Hodgson is CTO of Kerboo, He heads up the technology team and platform design, he is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days

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