Why you need use multiple link sources

Analysing links is hard work, its hard complicated work. Not only do you need to make sure you have correctly identified the links that pose a genuine risk to your site you also need to make sure that you gather every single data source that you can.

If you don’t find all the links that Google knows about then you won’t recover from the problems.

“So I go grab the links from Google webmaster tools right?”

Well yes… but you have to be aware of some of the problems and limitations of using just this data source.

Problem 1

Google don’t provide a full dataset. They know about more links that they show.

Problem 2

If you have a big site Google will only allow you to download a partial dataset.

Problem 3

Often if sites have been removed from Google’s index but they still link to you then Google wont show them in webmaster tools. They are however still the type of links you need to remove or disavow.

So how do you negate those issues?

You have to go and get every data source you can find, we strongly suggest getting: –

What we have learnt from helping site owners recover

In our experience without getting every piece of data you can you stand little chance of recovery from a penalty. Google don’t just want a disavow hastily thrown at them.


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